Hi, my name is Samuel Goodson, and I’ve been a custom closet and shelving installer for many years. I worked for a couple different companies, and now have been working on my own for a number of years. I thought I would take some time and share some of my experience with people learning the business, and people who want to do shelving jobs themselves.

I have always striven to give my customers the best organizational and decorative shelving looks for their homes and offices. I’ve been a licensed contractor for years, and I don’t sub-contract any of my work out; my workers are family members, and we do all the work we’re contracted to do, providing customers with flexible, decorative and cost-effective shelving solutions. We have a family business, rather than a franchise shop, and we don’t have a lot of overhead or marketing expenses, so we pass that savings along to our customers. In a similar vein, I thought perhaps I can provide help to do-it-yourself-ers online.

Glass shelving is one of our specialties, and I often recommend this type of shelves to home and business owners looking for unique decorating ideas. Whether you’re doing shelving for a boardroom or a living room, glass shelving is one of the most popular choices for modern and contemporary interior design.

When I meet with people to talk about their shelving needs, I usually ask to meet them at the home or business where the shelving will be hung, so that I can get an idea of the area we’ll be working with. I do somewhat the same thing when I tutor local do-it-yourself-ers, so that I have a good handle on their project, in case they need to call later with questions. I will ask you some of the same questions I ask them, to find out what your shelving needs are.

What do you want to accomplish with your shelving? What types of decorative items will you be displaying? Since I mainly coach people through the installation of glass shelves, your issue probably isn’t so much an issue of storage as it is of design. I can talk you through taking the measurements of the area you are shelving, and how you can best utilize the area for display.

I know that collectors love to display their most treasured items on glass shelves. I sometimes recommend mirrors behind the shelves too, depending on the type of curios they are displaying. We usually arrange specially placed shelves for the most delicate of items, so they will be viewable from all sides without people needing to handle the items.

You’ll find that glass shelves will allow you to create some very elegant effects with lighting. Glass shelves give you the chance to have an under-lighting effect too, particularly in a darker room. In addition, people who see your shelving will take more notice of the items displayed there, and they will probably be more cautious and ask, before they pick anything up to look at it.

Sometimes, you may elect to use wood shelves for your displays, but if you want a more elegant look, you shouldn’t be afraid to use glass shelving. It is much more durable and strong than it looks. I don’t recommend glass shelves for storage solutions, but they are so effective when showing off collectibles that I don’t hesitate to help people learn how to install them.

Glass shelves can give you that special place to display the items that have the most meaning to you. They may be items from your childhood, your hobbies, or gifts from friends and relatives. These shelves are obviously not as strong as are wooden shelves, but they are often made of tempered glass now, and they can hold more than you think.

On this site, I will teach you to evaluate the various shelving options available to you, and to determine what type of shelving will work best for your individual situation.

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