Floating Shelves for Elegant Displays

Floating glass shelves are quite often seen in bathrooms, but they have so much more to offer. They give a hall or living room an elegant look, and provide an attractive option for unused corners. Whether you rest collectibles or photos on these shelves, they can make a room warmer and more personal. In addition, glass shelves don’t take up any floor space, so they will hold your mementos in an uncluttered way. The items you place on glass shelves seem to float in mid-air, which gives your room a beautiful, clean look.

Floating Glass Shelves in Living Room

Whether you use brackets for your glass shelving, or set them up in a floating display, you will support them in a way that will hold their precious treasures safely. Supporting systems can actually add to the inherent beauty of glass shelves, if they have a stylish design, or are made to look invisible.

The supports that are used for glass shelves are planned to be delicate and light in weight, and they may be shorter than standard brackets, but floating shelves show off even less support, as they appear to be mounted invisibly on your wall.

You can read a lot online and in design magazines about glass shelves, and shelves of different materials, along with information on brackets and accessories. It’s much easier to locate the information you need these days, through the use of the Internet.

If you would like to display heavier items on your glass shelves, and worry about breakage, you should normally use regular brackets with your shelves, rather than setting up a floating shelf display. The regular brackets have more width to them, and thus they can support more weight per bracket.

If you do use standard brackets, you will notice that the outside edge protrudes out a bit from the glass shelving, but that gives it a firmer base of support. In this way, you won’t need to be worried about the shelves breaking. If you have a question about an item that is heavy, call your glass supplier and ask about the strength of the glass you bought.

Brackets holding Heavier Objects

Brackets for shelves that hold heavier display items will have a raised part at the end, or a lip that extends beyond the bracket, that will keep your glass shelves firmly in place. Since glass tends to slide easily when resting on metal, your bracket needs to be designed so that the shelf cannot slide off.

Floating glass shelves will make an elegant statement in many rooms of your home. They are simple but stylish, and you can use them to hold collectibles, vases, photographs and many other items. Floating shelves are fairly easy to install, and the installation instructions are covered in a separate post on this site. They are held with brackets that have ridges in them, to support the shelves steadily.

Brackets with Ridges

Glass shelves, especially when mounted in the floating manner, appear to hang in midair, seeming as though they can defy gravity. They can’t hold a large amount of weighty objects, but they will showcase the items that you can display there.

You used to see glass shelves most often in bathrooms, where they hold onto supplies or folded towels in a handy way. More recently, however, designers have discovered how simple and elegant they look in other rooms, like a living or family room. You can also use them in the kitchen, and decorate them with jars of herbs or beans, to add a touch of color to the room. In a similar way, a glass shelf can bring treasured family photographs to life in your den, giving you display room without taking up any floor space.

To make full use of glass shelving, be sure to use proper support for them. Floating glass shelves come with supports that will be nearly invisible when you mount them. You won’t want to use these types of mounting supports for other types of shelving, however, since they are not made for other materials.

Floating glass shelves look much more simple than plain shelves, as burdened as the latter are with large metal or wooden brackets. The mounting supplies for floating shelves are especially made for these units, and the heavier types of brackets are generally used on wood or metal shelves that hold more weight.

The smallest of glass shelving brackets are tiny clips or rails. These do not normally stick out from the wall very much, and they may be made with chrome, and they shine like the glass and look good with the shelf they support. They are mounted on the wall first, and then you will fit the shelves onto them. Their blunt ends will push against the shelf and hold it in place. These clips are usually rated for thickness of the glass shelf, and the weight they will hold. These clips and rails only work truly well for shelves without heavy objects on them. They’re not made to support heavier items.

Glass Shelving Brackets

If you wish to read up on the various ways you can use floating glass shelves, and glass shelves in general, you can find pages online that have the specifics for the brackets or accessories you want to study. I hope that we will provide you with much needed information here on this site, but a simple Google search will reveal many other sites with additional information.

If you want to display heavier collectibles on your glass shelves, you probably will not want to use floating shelves. Using standard brackets will give your shelves more support. These brackets stick out from the wall to the edge of the shelf, and can support a lot more weight. Metal brackets are more practical for this use than are wood shelves.

As long as the items you wish to display are not of particularly heavy weight, you can show them off by using floating glass shelves. They make even simple decorations look bright and unique, and you can also use mirrors behind the shelves, and up-lighting or down-lighting to add drama to the setup.

Creative Glass Shelving Solutions

In recent years, trends in interior design and architecture have opened up new avenues of shelving possibilities. Transparency plays a part in minimalist and other design standards, and glass shelves have found a niche in modern designs. Glass shelves, and often their brackets as well, melt into your room’s background, and show off the items displayed as though they were floating, without support.

You can find glass shelving brackets in many different styles and sizes, from ornate pieces to tiny clips and tongue and groove supports that are the support basis for floating shelves. The companies who manufacture brackets for glass shelves have given us many options, since each home is different and thus may have different shelving needs. You may have a different preference as to type and style of shelves and brackets than I do, which makes it all the more important to have many styles available.

Glass Shelf Brackets

Glass shelves and their supporting brackets or clips serve various functions in your home. A subtle, simple glass shelf with tongue and groove supports may be a focal point of your living room, holding favorite collectibles or photographs. The supports for glass shelving do their work unobtrusively, giving your room a pleasingly aesthetic look.

You may also utilize glass shelves in your bathroom, to hold your various toiletries or decorative items. You can even have one mounted inside your shower area, for soaps and shampoos. Glass shelves are often seen beside bathroom mirrors, for keeping things like toothpaste and deodorant close at hand and easy to find. In the bathroom, glass shelves are especially functional, as well as decorative.

Bathroom Glass Shelves

Glass shelves can be supported with glass-look brackets, or you may opt for stainless steel or chrome finished brackets. The brackets that you have also seen on shelves made with other materials will often give more support to a glass shelf, but it won’t be as visually stimulating, which is why so many homeowners install floating glass shelves.

Shelving in your home serves important purposes other than being used for looks. It also gives you much more storage space than you would otherwise have, and if it is wall-mounted shelving, it won’t take up any floor space to do so.

If you are reaching for the minimalist feel for your home, you will probably be drawn to glass shelves, over wood or metal shelving. Glass is so pleasing to the eye, and their supports are integral to the function and form of your shelves. I have mounted glass shelves with many different types of brackets, depending on what was going to be displayed on them, and each situation is a bit different. But for display purposes, it’s hard to beat the tongue and groove support used in floating glass shelves.

Glass Shelves

Although glass may look fragile, the tempered types you can buy today are stronger than you might think. They also look exquisite and elegant, while holding their own against all but extremely heavy items like books. The brackets that support your glass shelves will lessen the chances of breakage if you have objects displayed that are somewhat heavy.

The actual attachment of glass shelves to their support brackets is sometimes different than the way wooden or metal shelves are attached. The brackets may have slots in each, so that you can slide the glass shelf right in. If you’re not sure you can do this yourself, by all means ask someone at the store where your glass was purchased if they will do the installation for you. It may cost a bit more, but it will give you peace of mind, knowing that your treasured pieces of art are secure.

Glass shelving is especially at home in the bathroom, since glass is waterproof and easily maintained. Rather than having things stuffed into drawers or cupboards, you can use glass shelves, which make everything easier to find, during your morning routine. If you have one extra shelf open, you can display sea shells or fancy guest soaps. You’ll be more relaxed and less pressed for time if everything is handy in your bathroom.

In addition to using glass shelving in bathrooms, it can also work well in other rooms. They are an excellent way to help in sprucing up a blank wall area. Rather than lining up jars on your kitchen counter, where they are decorative but in the way, use a glass shelf set by the counters to display them, and your counter space will still be available for use.

Kitchen Glass Shelves

Glass shelving is an excellent way to keep shelves out of your floor space, and they will beautify your walls, as well. You can use glass for shelving in homes, offices or shops. It’s available in various thicknesses and shapes, and the brackets can be nearly hidden or eliminated with tongue and groove floating shelf supports.

There are various types of glass shelves and brackets that will complement your decor and wall colors. Since most models are clear, they go well with nearly any glass and wall paint colors. In addition, the shine added to your room by glass shelves is elegant. You may also like frosted glass for your shelving, which will give it a more subtle look.

The brackets you use for your glass shelves can also add to the style of the room you are mounting them in. White or black enamel can give your room an “artsy” look, and wrought iron makes the modern style of glass shelving fit in with more traditional settings.

You can also use twin slot shelving in your glass shelving installations. These are also called spur brackets, and in this manner, your shelves will be fixed on two long, vertical, parallel brackets. These shelving supports are adjustable, so that you can move the shelving up or down, depending on what you have displayed on your shelves.

You can also use shelf brackets that are concealed, to show off the items you want to display. These work in an ideal way for decorative purposes, since they are scarcely visible. By using these supports, you can place glass shelving in areas where you feel they look the best, and this can help the collectibles you display to appear as though they are floating in mid-air.

Choosing the Right Glass Shelving for Your Room

When you are determining whether you will hang glass shelves yourself or have them done for you, think first about what you will be displaying on the shelves. If you’re looking for book shelves, it’s usually a good idea to stay away from glass shelves – wood or metal will be much more suitable for that purpose. Not to say that books cannot be displayed at all on glass shelves, but avoid placing a lot of weight on them.

You’ll also want to look your room over and think about what you are trying to achieve with the use of glass shelving. Check out the decor and the current room furnishings. If your room is ultra-traditional, you might actually consider wood shelves before glass. But if you have a modern or contemporary design in your room, glass will fit right in, and accentuate the look. On the whole, glass shelves can go with most styles of room without looking out of place.

Glass Wall Shelves

Safety is also a consideration when you’re contemplating glass shelving. If you have young children in your home, be sure that the shelves are installed high enough that they cannot get hold of anything on the shelves, or the shelves themselves. Most glass used for shelves today is tempered, but it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Glass shelves lend themselves particularly well to bathroom decor. Since bathrooms may be small, the glass shelving can make them appear larger and more spacious. You can even use tinted glass for the shelves in your bathroom, as long as the color complements those colors already in your room.

Glass shelves for your bathroom are very easy to clean and maintain, since there won’t be any varnish or veneers to mess with. Even chips and scratches can be repaired, so that the glass shelves can go on letting light shine all around your bathroom. The fact that you can see the decorations or toiletries on glass shelves from any side is also a plus, during your busy morning routine.

Bathroom Glass Shelves

If you want a more striking look, mirrors behind your glass shelves will reflect back even more light on your objects, and in the room. Spot lighting can be used with glass shelving in other rooms, for a dramatic evening look.

With the technologies available today, you can purchase glass shelves with wavy edges or curves. These custom designs may be more expensive, however. Check with your local glass specialist and see what the charges would be for special shapes. The advantages to custom shelves include the fact that you know the style and size of the shelves will accent your room perfectly.

Floating glass shelves can be even more dramatic and striking, since the tongue and groove mounting system allows for installation without brackets, with the result that the glass shelves appear to be unsupported. This is an extremely clean look, and will be a focal point in any room.

Floating Glass Shelf

If you aren’t sure how to mount your glass shelves, you might want to have them installed by a professional. Some handymen can also handle this type of installation. I have worked with many do-it-yourself-ers who had never done glass work before, and most of them were able to mount glass shelving with little or no problem.

Be sure that your fittings or brackets are strong enough to support not only the shelves, but also the decorations or collectibles you will be displaying. Some dealers have the option for you to purchase a mirror that mounts on the wall and has integrated glass shelves. These are very dramatic and they reflect light all around your room.

Mirror with Glass Shelf

If you decide to install the shelves yourself, take care when you handle glass shelves, in preparing to hang them. The process of bracketing your wall is much the same as it is with other shelving types, unless you are doing floating shelves, which I’ll talk about in another post. Select your favorite glass shelves from the many styles available.

There are specific tools needed to hang glass shelving, but they can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store. You’ll need a measuring tape, a pencil, shelf brackets, a screwdriver, a drill, a level and screws.

The first step is to measure the width of your new glass shelves, and then purchase brackets that are the correct size for them. You don’t want brackets that will stick out further than the glass, or it will look tacky. By the same token, the shelf brackets need to be strong enough to hold your glass shelves and their displayed items securely. You’ll need two brackets for each shelf you’ll be hanging.

Next, you will want to plan where each shelf will be placed on the wall. Traditional units have rows, but you can place glass shelves wherever you want, in offset rows or in columns. Lightly mark the wall with a pencil to designate where you want each shelf to be hung. If you will be using mirrors behind the shelves, allow room to mount them between the shelf brackets.

Measure how long each shelf is, and then make pencil marks on your wall from one to three inches from either end of the shelf length. The brackets will then be placed in these positions, inside the ends of the shelves, for the best possible support.

You’ll want to drill small pilot holes, as a start for the screws you will use to attach your shelving brackets to the wall. Then use the screws to attach your brackets to the wall. As you work, check every bracket and then every pair of brackets with a level, to be sure that they are in position to hold your glass shelves evenly.

Then you’re ready to place your new glass shelving on the brackets you have just mounted. You may wish to use glass cleaner on them before you hang them, to make sure they are just how you want them to look. Glass shelves can make an enormous difference to the feel and look of any room.

Glass Shelves for Orderly Bathrooms

If you’re a homeowner or a renter, you already know how important it is to have adequate shelving in your bathroom, to keep track of all your grooming essentials and neatly folded extra towels. You can also use glass shelves in bathrooms for a clever display of sea shells or guest soaps. If you have lots of shelf space available, it’s easier for everyone to remember to put things back where they belong, for the next person. Glass shelves are especially handy in bathrooms, since the humidity won’t hurt them at all, whereas it might warp wood shelves.

A tiered glass shelving unit can be handy as well as attractive, in a bathroom. You can store anything you want on the shelves, and they will show off your bathroom more effectively than you will with things strewn on top of the sink countertop. Three or four tiers of glass will give you lots of room for decorative items and toiletries as well. These shelves usually attach to your wall with a frame, into which the shelves fit. These storage helpers can be purchased already assembled or at one of the box stores, if you’re a handy-person.  I’ve assembled many of these for customers and friends, and they are easy to set up and quite handy for storage and decorative purposes both.

Bathroom Glass Shelves

You can also purchase a glass and chrome shelf unit, which will enable you to use wall space and not floor space, for storage. These units are usually fairly tall and thin, so they have a small foot print. The bright chrome finish will wipe clean easily, as will the shelves, and the clean and simple lines will work in nearly any bathroom, regardless of your decor.

Many glass shelving options can be utilized in bathrooms, even if they weren’t designed to be used there. Some people now opt for plastic shelving for their bathrooms, but that isn’t nearly as attractive, and it also can become discolored after long use. Steel and glass shelving will give you quite a trendy look, even if you watch HGTV a lot and have bright colors on your walls. You can find units that are free-standing or units that mount on the wall, whichever will work best for your bathroom. If you have children that use the same bathroom, I would suggest that you use the wall-mounted glass shelves and mount them high enough so that the little ones can’t reach them.

Glass shelves in bathroom

Glass is always in style as a design element, and it will give your bathroom an interesting and amazing environment. The clean lines of glass shelves will make the room feel cleaner, too. Glass shelving makes your bathroom more appealing, and it can change the look of the room for the better. Glass is very functional as well as being attractive, and it will look more unique in your bathroom than tired old plastic or wooden shelves. It will also help to make your bathroom look and feel more spacious.

If you are remodeling or designing a bathroom, glass will fit in with most any design you might elect to use. You can also use colored glass, and glass made in forms, in addition to glass shelving. Glass may be used around bathtubs and sink vessels, to lay out any toiletries you may use frequently. Glass shelving is especially handy in small bathrooms, since it makes them look and feel larger.

Bathroom Glass Shelving Idea

Open glass storage shelves will look wonderful in virtually any bathroom you may be designing. It gives a look that says more organization and less clutter. You can access items stored on open glass shelves quite easily, and also use them for decorative purposes.

You may opt to accent your glass shelving with glass tiles, which will do even more to add to the spacious feel of your bathroom. Sit sea shells and other decorative items on glass shelves, and use glass tiles to show off the reflections of the decorations. Glass shelves can be used around the frames of mirrors as well, to make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious.

Bathroom Mirror with Glass Shelves

Glass bathroom shelves are easy to keep clean with just soap and water, unless you opt to use a glass cleaner instead. Maintaining these shelves is easier than talking care of wood, which is constantly getting dusty and affected by humidity, both. Glass resists moisture, humidity and steam, so a simple wipe will get rid of any excess moisture on your shelves. You may want to place candles or flowers on your taller-spaced glass shelves, for an even more elegant look. Make sure your glass shelves are thick enough for the weight you are placing on them.

Glass shelves that are fully open in the front and sides will make getting to your bathroom toiletries and other essentials handy. You can choose from frosted, tinted or plain glass. There is a newer type of glass on the market now, known as “variable transparency glass”, and this is virtually unbreakable, and quite safe for bathrooms. These glass shelves look more transparent while you have the lights on, but then look matte when you turn the lights off. You can also use mirrors placed behind glass shelves for a unique style and a brighter look.

Glass Shelf Under Bathroom Mirror

Glass shelving units can be used in your bathroom for a divider or partition, and still retain their ability to organize a cluttered room. This is especially handy if your master bath is attached to your bedroom. Replacing traditional doors with stylish partitions can make the space look bigger, too. You may use matte, transparent or tinted glass in shelving units used to divide areas in the room.

Stained glass panels can be used behind glass shelving units to create a look that is even more unique. This will spread color effectively all over the room. Make sure you use colors behind the shelves that complement the colors already in the room. Glass shelves have so many purposes in bathrooms, besides making the room look larger and more unique.

Glass Bookshelves

If you have an extensive library, perhaps you haven’t yet thought of using glass bookshelves to display and hold your books. Glass used to be thought of as too fragile to use in bookshelves, but modern advances in manufacturing technology have made it possible to use sturdy glass shelves to hold all your favorite books.

Wall shelves add a bit of style to your room, and make it feel more unique than a plain wood or laminate shelf would. In addition to books, you can store collectibles and decorative items on glass shelves, as well. Glass is being used in more innovative ways to display books and awards in your home. It has replaced wood in some instances.

Glass shelving has actually been used for quite some time. Various types of shelves are used today, and they may have supports made of wood, or they may be designed as floating shelves. For the purpose of displaying your library, you may want to use the more standard glass shelves, since they may be a bit more secure, for this purpose.

Glass is often used as a modern building material, as well. Some glass shelving is more useful for decorative purposes, but stronger glass shelves can easily accommodate your library. You can select from many different designs and shapes of glass bookshelves, although the most popular shelving for books is generally more traditional in appearance.

Tempered glass is used in some shelving units, and it is safer to use if you have children. This type of glass doesn’t shatter like traditional glass. Tempered glass shelves are durable and sturdy, especially if you wish to display your favorite books on glass shelves.

You’ll also want to consider where you will be placing your shelves, for the maximum efficiency in storage and elegance in design. Generally, glass shelves are placed along walls, and out of the way of foot traffic in your home.

Glass shelving is an elegant way to include storage in your room, especially for collectible books that you want on display. They add a focus to your room, and the sturdier models are made so that they can easily hold heavy items like books.

If you use floating glass shelves to display your library, you will find that they are a very dramatic way to show off your books. They have virtually invisible brackets, but are normally installed one shelf at a time, rather than a unit, which you usually will use to store books.

If you do use floating shelves for books, you will like the way the shelving appears to be suspended, since the framework is not visible. Glass shelves that are wall-mounted can be placed in a staggered pattern on the wall, to make for a more interesting display. They can also be lined up straight, so that they appear in form closer to a traditional shelf. If you are using glass bookshelves, you will want deeper, rather than shallower, shelves, so that they can accommodate all the books in your home library.

Glass Bookshelves

Glass Display Shelves

There are always memories that are valuable emotionally in your life, and glass display shelves are a perfect place to put them. Things that mean the most to you deserve a place of honor in your home. Glass shelving shows off your memories in a wonderful way. The shelves are made to fit in with modern interior design, and they can look fine with any shades of paint on the walls. Your trophies and souvenirs can be set on display on glass shelves. The shelves themselves are an excellent style addition to most modern homes.

Glass shelving has a transparency to it, and the shelves can usually be adjustable, depending on what you wish to display. Much design effort is put into their manufacture, to provide an attractive way to show off your elegant memories. The frame and hardware, including pull handles and shelving clips may be made from anodized aluminum or stainless steel. The units are designed to display to the maximum the items on the shelves. Some shelving units may have mirrors on the back panel, to highlight the things that are so important to you. Transparent glass may be used for the shelving plates and sides, and they may even be fitted with their own lights.

Generally, if there is a wooden part of these glass shelves, it is limited to just the base shelf. Expensive woods may be used, like birch, walnut, cherry or oak. The shelves themselves may show off different designs, and there is no bulkiness to them. The idea they bring across is making the glass display shelves suit various positions within your living area.

Many other thoughts go into the design of glass shelving, to make them perfect for display. To give some of them a more decorative look, the top may be made with a coverlet of flower patterns. The styles may also include floating shelves in different arrangement types, and some of the shelves include glass side panels with intricate designs.

Glass cabinets are used today to display products in retail stores and showrooms, as well. High-end hotels may use glass cabinets in their lounges to display the credentials they have achieved. Some showrooms may use glass transitional shelf units with all four sides made of glass, in order to achieve maximum visibility. These may be placed out from a wall at positions in the floor plan that are suitable. The elegance of the display is the main idea here. Exposing the items with such grace will enhance the charm of the memories. The glass shelving also shows respect for the people who made the collectibles or credentials possible.

When you display collectibles and sentimental items on glass shelves, it’s an excellent way to share your experiences in life with others who see them. Offices and homes alike often tell you a story about the people who work and live there. If you take the time to select the glass display shelves that will do your memorabilia the most justice, you will also be finding furnishings that can add elegance to your home or office.

Glass Display Shelves

Custom Glass Shelves

Your selection of proper shelving can make or break the look of your room, and custom glass shelves will give you a chance to improve the looks and the feel of your living room, den or family room. There may be more than one factor that influences your selections.

First off, you will want to plan what you will be displaying on your shelves. You wouldn’t want glass shelves for bulky, heavy items, but for collectibles or other items, they can be just what you’re looking for. Glass shelves are not usually as fragile as they may look at first glance, but they are not usually quite as strong as metal or wood.

Next, consider what type of effect you wish to achieve, along with the furnishings already in the room, and the theme it already carries. If your room is rustic and traditional, glass shelves would probably not be your first choice – rather, wood might be a good choice. Glass shelves do suit many different styles and types of interior decor, though, so don’t overlook them if you want an elegant look.

You will also want to consider safety, before you install glass shelves. If you want shelves to be on a lower level, and you have younger children, glass shelves may be a hazard. Use a different material for lower shelves, or plan your shelves at a higher level.

Glass shelves work especially well in bathrooms, since they won’t need to hold any particularly heavy items, and the open style will make it easier to find your health and hygiene products. Tinted glass is particularly effective with color schemes in your bathroom, or in other rooms in your house.

If you can’t find the style of shelf you want at home improvement or glass stores, you may want to consider custom glass shelves, since they can be made to your specifications, for any room you like. Glass shelves are fairly easy to maintain and clean, since there is no varnish or stain to worry you. Chips and scratches can even be repaired, and glass shelves let all kinds of light shine through. This enables you to see all the displayed objects from any angle.

Glass shelves are also striking and elegant when you use them with mirrors, so that the objects will be reflected even more. When you utilize spot lighting as well, mirrored glass shelves are very dramatically beautiful, and even more so at night.

The ways that glass can be cut and handled these days will allow you to include wavy edges and curves on your custom designs. Custom shelving can be more expensive than stock shelving, but if you have a special design in mind, take it to a glass cutter and see how he can help you bring your designs to life.

You can also achieve a striking appearance by using floating glass shelves, since these have concealed tongue and groove systems that support them. This gives you a clean and sleek look. If you have custom glass shelves designed for any room in your home, consider utilizing floating type shelves, as these will be a true focal point in your room.

Floating Glass Shelves

There are fewer more elegant ways to show off your collectibles than floating glass shelves. All of your special items will be prominently seen on these modern shelves. Brackets can be a bit bulky when you mount traditional type shelves, but floating shelves don’t leave you with that problem.

A floating shelf has brackets that are different than those on traditional shelves. This does make it easier to build wall designs that are effective. Floating shelves have internal brackets that are roughly the same length as the shelves. They are specially designed to keep you from seeing the brackets. Floating shelf brackets allow the shelves to slide on through the back of the shelves. In this way, the shelves will look more sleek than traditional shelves. When using this type of shelves, you can mount them anywhere, including areas too small for traditional shelves.

Floating shelves may appear fragile at first glance, due to the way they sit. The brackets are hidden, which gives the floating shelf its name. They are actually nearly as strong as regular shelving.

Manufacturers of floating shelves realized, when they designed them, that every shelf seems to appear to have no external support. They can be reinforced, due to their design. The way this is accomplished involves attaching screws to your wall, and then adding well-made materials for the internal brackets. The brackets extend to a length sufficient to give the shelves solid support. Floating glass shelves can hold heavier items than you would think, without you worrying whether they are strong enough.

Floating shelves are lovely to look at and functional, as well. Glass shelves give your room a sleek look that can go with nearly any decor If your house is modern, you can supplement your style by using glass floating shelves to showcase collectibles or portraits. In addition, glass will go with whatever colors you are already using in the room. Shelves that show off intricate designs and a thin, sleek style will add charm to your room.

If you are even somewhat a do-it-yourself person, you can probably install floating shelves yourself. Make sure you have the proper tools for the job before you begin. Determine how many shelves you would like to use first, and the levels at which you’d like them to hang. Make sure there aren’t any hidden pipes or cables in your way.

Lay the first bracket flat against your wall, and check to make sure it’s level. Mark the places you will be drilling the holes. Then drill the holes themselves, using screws or fittings that work the best with the bracket materials and your wall. Screw each shelving bracket into place.

Next, you will be sliding your shelves onto their brackets, making sure that each shelf is level. After you’re sure you like the positions of the shelves, slide your shelf off and then position the rest of the brackets. When all the brackets are up on your wall, slide on your floating glass shelves and affix them to the brackets, using the appropriate screws.

Glass Shelving

There are many choices when you go shopping for shelving, and one of the most attractive is glass shelves. The way that your rooms are decorated will help to determine if this style will work well in your home.

First, determine what you are planning to display on your shelves. Glass shelving can be very elegant, but not everything will look appropriate displayed on glass. If you plan to showcase your library, or other heavy items, you will probably want to look for a material other than glass for that purpose. Metal or wood are logical choices for books. An extensively supported glass shelf might be able to hold your books, but you probably would be more comfortable and self-assured with a heavier-duty shelf unit.

Next, you will want to think about the effect you want to achieve, and the existing furnishings and decor that the room already has. If you are looking for shelves for a cozy den, you may opt for something with a more rustic charm than glass. Wood is usually a good choice in this situation. But glass can suit a variety of interior styles and many different design types.

You’ll also need to keep safety in mind when you are deciding whether glass wall shelving will work in your home. Don’t use glass for low shelves if you have children or pets, because they may become injured. Most of the glass shelves of today are made with strengthened and toughened tempered glass, but you can never be too careful.

Shelving made from glass is especially well-suited to bathrooms, which typically are smaller spaces without the need for holding bulky or heavy items. A tinted glass shelf is also an attractive addition to your bathroom, if the color scheme will support it.

Shelves of glass are fairly easy to maintain and clean, with no varnish or veneer to attend to. Even chips and scratches can be repaired, if you want to keep the shelf after it has become damaged. Glass type shelving can also allow lots of light to shine into a room, which will give the objects good display looks from any angle. In addition, the extra light will help to give your room a warm and sunny glow.

Glass shelving is quite striking and elegant when it’s used with mirrors, since they reflect even more light. When you add spotlights to the scene, mirrored shelves can be very dramatic and lovely, particularly at night.

Modern glass cutting and handling techniques can help your shelves to achieve rounded edges and curves, that will help your shelves show off a custom look. If you don’t see the shape or design that you want, try visiting a glass cutter, to have a custom shelf made.

Most shelving can be hung without professional help, but don’t be afraid to consult someone if you’re worried about working with glass. It’s quite natural, even though the tempered glass of today is stronger than glass shelving used to be. Glass shelves will provide an elegant place to display your most treasured items.

Glass Bathroom Shelf

You can store many of your toiletries on an attractive glass bathroom shelf, and still keep them handy for everyday use. Whereas closets and living rooms need heavier shelves, your bathroom is usually a great place to use glass to its greatest advantage.

Bathroom glass shelving is a common choice in many homes of today. With its reflective or transparent surface, glass is a natural in the bathroom. Be sure to wipe down your shelves at least once a week, so that they will retain their beauty and shine.

Since bathrooms are usually smaller rooms in your home, bathroom glass shelves don’t have to hold heavy items like closet or garage storage shelves might. You can find glass shelves that are larger if you need them, but smaller glass shelves are more often used. In this way, they can most effectively give you space for smaller items and air fresheners.

Since most glass shelving is narrow, it offers a practical place to store cologne or perfumes, and it’s handy, since you can see everything that is on the shelf without moving things around. You can also see what is on the other levels of shelving fairly easily, and this makes finding those smaller tubes and bottles easier.

Bathroom shelving is also a great-looking storage alternative for your home. It will give your bathroom a modern, spacious feeling. The surface is fairly easy to clean, and the bathroom is one room where you especially want everything to look clean and tidy.

While a glass bathroom shelf holds all those small containers and bottles easily, it’s not the best choice for each situation. If you don’t have a linen closet close to your bathroom, you may need to store towels and the like in your bathroom, and these generally call for heavier duty shelves.

Metal and wood shelves may be used when you are working within a tight budget, but they certainly don’t have the same visual appear that mirrors and bathroom glass shelves do. Larger items generally call for metal or wood, due to their greater strength, and to lessen the chance of breakage that you have when you use glass for shelves.

Floating shelves look good in bathrooms as well, and these can be made from any variety of materials. You can store linens on floating shelves and they won’t have the bulky look that linen shelves sometimes do. But standard brackets may be used in bathrooms as well.

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can add extra storage space that will be as attractive as it is useful. Shelves can keep everything out in the open, as opposed to using drawers and cabinets. You may have drawers in your vanity for other bathroom supplies, but glass is often the first choice for stately and attractive storage.

Glass shelves provide storage with flair, rather than closing things into a cabinet, which may take up valuable floor space. And a glass bathroom shelf will show clean lines and organized storage, which will make your bathroom more attractive.