Glass Shelf Brackets

When you decide to add glass shelving to your home, you will want to use the highest quality glass shelf brackets, to protect the items that you will be displaying from falling. Shelving gives you more storage space than you would otherwise have, as well as a place for you to show off your prized decorations, collectible and pictures. Shelf brackets are like the backbone for your shelving, so you will want to make sure they are well made.

First, determine the type of items you will be placing on your glass shelves. Brackets must be able to hold the weight without putting undue stress on the brackets or on the shelves themselves. There are many different options available with shelf brackets, and they range from simple to ornate in appearance. Ornate brackets will look elegant in your living room, but you may not need to be quite as conscious of that style when you make shelves for your bathroom. Bedrooms may have polished and elegant brackets, too.

Select glass shelves and brackets that are functional as well as beautiful. In closets and the like, you can use simple metal brackets in an “L” shape, but for glass shelving, you will want something much more polished and refined. With glass, you’re not looking so much at cheap storage options as you are at elegant shelving.

You can purchase glass shelf brackets at home improvement and hardware stores in your area. If you are looking for more special designs, you may want to check in the yellow pages for interior design showrooms or glass cutters.

Select a flush-mounted, decorative bracket when you are going to be hanging glass shelves. Brackets need to be strong enough to do the job, but still elegant enough to look appropriate with the shelving. Brackets come in different types and styles, so take your time and select one that perfectly fits the shelves you will be hanging. Finding just the right brackets may take a bit longer, but you will be pleased with the effect when you mount the shelves, if you select elegant brackets.

Specialty glass shelves and brackets may cost a bit more, too, but remember that money you wisely put into your house will often make the value of that house increase. A well-showing bathroom can add a great deal to your home’s value, when and if you decide to sell.

Some glass shelves and brackets will look more flexible if your brackets are adjustable. These use tracks that are mounted on the wall, and then the brackets run inside the tracks, for easy adjustment of height. This type of solution is not as often used with glass shelving, since it shows a lot of the hardware behind it.

A folding bracket is handy to have if you won’t be using your shelves all the time, so that you can take the shelf down and flatten the brackets. This is an effective space saver, but, again, it not often used with glass shelving options. The best glass shelf brackets for your project will be the ones that look most appealing with the shelving design, to show off your collectibles or pictures in an appealing way.

Glass Wall Shelves

If you have collectibles or small pieces of art that you would like to display, glass wall shelves can be the perfect solution. Wall shelves are made in a variety of materials, but glass is arguably the most elegant. Shelves help to keep your things well-organized, while giving your room more storage space in a way that is decorative and useful. You can use various shelves in every room of your house, from simple wooden shelves in your laundry room to sophisticated glass shelves in your living room or bedroom.

The styles and variety of wall shelves are many. From contemporary to classic styles, they will fit into your home by complementing your décor. You can just take one look around your home to see where shelves can help you sort out things and put collectibles on display.

Some of the shelves can be found in shapes like triangle, curved, square, rectangular or round. By the way they are mounted, they are categorized into fixed, floating, adjustable, modular, free standing or hanging shelves. Besides glass, you can buy shelves made from wrought iron, plastic, acrylic, metal and wood. Shelves can fit into all types of purposes and settings.

Most wall shelves mount with brackets or anchored screws, generally driven into the wall at points where the studs occur. You can also find shelving units with hidden brackets, which slide into slots in the surface facing the wall. In a floating shelf unit, the way the glass wall shelves are mounted conceals the mounting hardware in the space between the shelf and the wall. They look fragile, but they are actually made thicker, to support the weight better. If you’re not a handyman, don’t worry – you can buy kits that include mounting systems built in.

You probably have lots of things that you’d like to display, but until you mount proper shelves, they might remain in boxes in the attic or the basement. You’ll want some shelving ideas to get you started.

For bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms, you may choose wood or glass for shelves that will give those rooms an elegant and classy feel. With many finishes and colors, and the clear finish of glass shelves, you won’t have any problem matching your shelves to your décor.

For kids’ rooms, you can use country white shelves, or another color that works well with the theme of their rooms. Glass is not very practical for a child’s room, unless he or she is in the teenage years. You can use corner shelves in nearly any room of your home, as well. Metal and wood are commonly used for corner shelves. In the laundry and kitchen, you can use acrylic and plastic shelving to store pots and pans and laundry needs.

One shelf that can start a conversation is a glass shelf in your living room. You can place plates or other collectibles, like salt and pepper shakers, or nostalgic memorabilia on these glass wall shelves, and your guests will be happy to have a chance to see the items that you are interested in collecting.

Glass Shelving Units

It is almost unanimously agreed that one cannot have a good interior design model without having a good shelf system. Shelves are almost always present to add the necessary designer’s touch and on them you will find a wide range of things from glass carvings’ to books to flower vases. Wooden shelves have been the most popular but as interior designers get more innovating, we see that there is a shift to more exotic types of shelves such as glass shelves or glass shelving units. Let us look a little bit at wooden shelves.

Most wooden shelve available today are not really made of real wood but are usually constructed out of a solid core of a cheaper pressed wood or plywood. This is also called “engineered” wood which is then covered with paint or veneer. This makes them considerably cheaper than actual wood. One interesting fact is that they may actually be lighter and stronger than real wood! Sometimes the wood is actually made of recycled wood at the same time. But there are still those who feel that real wood is actually the best when it comes to shelves. These same people also have been switching to another material for shelves which has slowly been gaining currency, glass.

Not all glass shelves are the same. They also come in different types and in order to get the best buy, one must be able to tell the difference between the different types. There is what is called tempered glass. With regular glass, damage is a real risk especially when the glass is either hit or dropped. It ends up breaking into hundreds of small bits. But this is not the case with tempered glass. This less is less likely to crack or chip if knocked or dropped and in most cases is twice as strong as regular or annealed glass. Tempered glass is also strong because it is thick and is therefore able to withstand pressure especially when someone places an object on it. When buying glass wall shelves, you must be able to understand these aspects of glass in order to make the right purchase. Here are a few things you should ask yourself before;

One question should ask yourself is, what items are you going to be placing on your shelf? Most people buy shelves for books but there are others who place other items on it. For those with other heavy items, it is important to determine whether the shelf is stable enough to withstand the additional weight.

Then another aspect to take into consideration is where in the house the shelf will be placed. Since the shelves are more fragile than those made of wood, it is important to place the shelf where there is no danger of a door swinging open and knocking it.

These are some of the factors to consider when looking to buy a glass wall shelf. They are beautiful and made of tempered glass which is certainly very resistant to wear and tear and can withstand a lot of weight.

Glass Shelving Systems

Shelves have been in existence for a long time and people have placed on them all manner of items. Mostly you will find books on them and sometime picture frames although people are not lacking in innovation and you will find people placing all manner of items on their shelves. When it comes to interior decorating, people are very particular. What makes many homes become challenged when it comes to their decoration in the house is clutter. This means the items that are just lying around and cannot be stored away and out of sight. These can be books, CDs, magazines, shoes, carvings, picture frames and other items. Houses which have children have more clutter because children do not appear to have a sense of organization the way adults do. Shelves are an ideal way to deal with clutter in the house and will more or less be found in many houses one goes to. There are many types of shelves but the two predominant ones are wood and glass.

Wooden shelves are widely popular and used in almost every home. This is because wood is cheap to obtain. Even in the ancient days, wood was readily available because all it involved was cutting trees and these were in great abundance and they still are although environmentalists are decrying the use of wood products because they contribute to deforestation. Wood also blends easily with the rest of the furniture. When you go to many houses, you will notice that the general furniture and chairs are predominantly wood. So it makes sense that the shelves should be made of wood as well because it blends well with the rest of the furniture and appears to be a set.

Wood is also very resilient. It can withstand almost any weight that you place on it. Small flat shelves are used for books and people also place electronics on them such as speakers, stereos and also large TV sets.

While wood does hold its own when it comes to shelves, glass shelving systems have quickly become almost as popular. One of the reasons is because of its strength. The glass that is used to make shelves is specially treated and is called tempered glass which is ideal for withstanding huge weights. Tempered glass is not easily broken and when it does, it will not shatter into hundreds or thousands small pieces as would be the case if you were to drop say a drinking glass. This special composition makes it safe especially if there are small children in the house who are careless.

Glass shelving systems are also ideal because it is easy to clean. While it may gather dust just as easily as wood, it only requires simply Windex which is easily available in stores and a wet cloth and the cleaning job is done. Wood on the other hand may require a special finish which may or may not necessarily be in stock. This gives shelves made of glass an instant advantage over their wood counterparts.

Tempered Glass Shelves

Wood has been the dominant force when it comes to interior design for centuries. This is because it has been easy to obtain. It requires relatively little in the way of technology to cut down a tree and make something out of it. Medieval cultures all did this. In recent times, wood craftsmen have gotten progressively better and wood products now look exceptionally stunning to look at. That is why wood is still a force to reckon with when it comes to furniture ware and other house products such as beds, shelves and the like. Wooden shelves in particular have been very popular for decades owing to their overall beauty which causes them to blend with the rest of the furniture and also because of their ease of assembly. When you buy a shelf from Wal-mart, it comes with easy assembly instructions. But tempered glass shelves have risen in popularity and here’s why.

Glass is attractive and reflective. When you browse through many interior design magazines, you find that glass is the future of living room and bedroom décor. It blends perfectly especially with large green plants to give the room a simple yet appealing look which is not only professional and homely but also relaxing.

Another aspect which makes glass appealing is because it is easy to maintain. When it comes to wood shelves, we all know what happens if it not dusted or cleaned regularly. And also with wood, water and a sponge or cloth will not do. Wood requires special veneer finish which enhances the shine and makes wood last. This finish is expensive and sometimes hard to find especially if you do not have a wood store nearby. Applying the finish also requires skill and if done haphazardly it may not produce the required results. On the other hand, glass is easy to maintain and all it requires is simple window cleaner such as Windex which is cheap and widely available. It is also easy to apply and all it requires is a wet sponge or a cloth.

Glass is also ideal because it is strong. Wood has been used for decades and is still used today because of its advantage as a resilient product that looks good and blends well with the rest of the furniture. But glass is quickly becoming popular because not only is it attractive, it can be very strong. The glass used to make the shelves is not the same glass that is used for other glass products. This glass is a special that has undergone special treatment to enhance the way it holds. This is called tempered glass which is tens of times stronger and more resilient than regular glass. It would take considerable pressure to make it buckle and it can withstand heavy items being placed on it. This is important because today’s tempered glass shelves see books and also stereo equipment and TVs placed on it at the same time so it must be able to withstand this additional pressure.

Glass Shelves

Living room design is very important to many people. This is because this is the place where guests come and become entertained. This is also the place where visitors actually form an opinion about the overall house. If the living room is full of clutter, then that goes to show the general disarray that could be prevalent in the rest of the house. That is why for many, storing away clutter in the form of books, stationery, figurines, carvings, picture frames, toys and the like is important. Many just solve this problem by throwing excess junk into the garage. Others choose wooden, plastic or glass.

Wooden shelves have been prevalent for a long time. This is because they are easy to maintain and can easily blend with the rest of the furniture in the room. Most people have wooden chairs, wooden tables and stools and therefore see it as natural to have wooden shelves. But as people become more and more exotic and want new designs for their living rooms, glass shelves have began to become more and more common. This is because in many houses, you will see that there are glass coffee tables and these can blend exceptionally well with shelves that are made of glass. But what makes glass shelves popular?

The first reason is that they are beautiful to look at. For centuries, shelves have been made of wood and this has become common. But today, people are going exotic and therefore more creative. A cursory look at interior design magazines will reveal that glass is in. Glass also blends extremely well with flowers and gives a futuristic 21st century look and feel to the room.

Another reason why glass is becoming popular when choosing shelves is because it is strong. The glass that makes shelves is not the same glass that makes ordinary drinking glass. The glass found on shelves is called tempered glass. This is glass that has passed through a special refining process and this makes it very strong and not susceptible to breakages. When this glass breaks, it only breaks in a few pieces as opposed to a hundred or a thousand little pieces which can be very dangerous. Also, the glass that makes shelves does not easily chip. That makes it ideal because it does not release microscopic glass particles that can easily get into food and drink. Strength is important for shelves because there are many types of books that can be placed on it. While regular books are hardly an issue, there are people who have large encyclopedias and manuscripts. These, if in large quantities, can be very heavy and cause undue strain on the structure of the glass shelf. Tempered glass shelves are designed specifically to withstand this weight. They are also designed to withstand the weight of books and other items placed on the top portion of the shelf. Some people even place items such as stereo equipment on the shelves and small TVs.

Modern Glass Shelves

For many home and offices, the reduction or even total elimination of clutter is of paramount importance. This is because there are many people who want their homes or offices to be neat but end up with spaces that are crammed with paper, stationery and other small items around the house. In order to combat clutter, it is important to choose the best storage place. For many people, the garage offers a quick escape to stash items that need not be in the living room. One of the best ways that people store items that are important to them is in modern glass shelves.

Shelves are basically made of wood, plastic and but a recent addition that has been gaining currency is glass. Wooded shelves have been very common because they blend easily with the rest of the rest of the furniture. They are also easy to assemble especially now because when you buy them they come in a box that only contains the pieces and the actual assembly has to be done by you.

Glass shelves have become very common because of a number of reasons. The first reason is because of their cosmetic appearance. As interior design becomes more and more innovative, people are seeking to get more creative especially when it comes to shelves. This means that given the choice of wood and glass, people are now choosing glass. Its reflective qualities make it the best shelf especially for the living room.

But glass has to be taken care of in a special way. Today’s glass shelves are not just made of ordinary glass. This is because ordinary glass can break when either knocked or subjected to extra pressure. The glass that is used to create glass shelves is called tempered glass and it is glass that is chemically treated and created in such a way that is becomes many times stronger than regular glass. When buying a glass shelf, care should still be taken even if it is tempered glass. The first caution is to ensure that you do not place the shelf on a place where it can get into contact with an opening door or where someone can trip on it. This means that you have to carefully select where the shelf will stand.

Another care to remember is what items should be placed on the glass shelf. This is because damage can be caused to the shelf if that is not remembered. For many people, that is not an issue because all they plan to put on the shelf is books and some figurines and even picture frames. These items are hardly a danger to the overall structure of the shelf.

Glass shelves are very ideal because they are easy to maintain. There are no complicated finishes or veneer cleaners to contend with as is common with wooden shelves. A modern glass shelf can easily be cleaned using regular window cleaner and wet cloth or sponge and you have a shiny finish that is attractive and dust free.