Creative Glass Shelving Solutions

In recent years, trends in interior design and architecture have opened up new avenues of shelving possibilities. Transparency plays a part in minimalist and other design standards, and glass shelves have found a niche in modern designs. Glass shelves, and often their brackets as well, melt into your room’s background, and show off the items displayed as though they were floating, without support.

You can find glass shelving brackets in many different styles and sizes, from ornate pieces to tiny clips and tongue and groove supports that are the support basis for floating shelves. The companies who manufacture brackets for glass shelves have given us many options, since each home is different and thus may have different shelving needs. You may have a different preference as to type and style of shelves and brackets than I do, which makes it all the more important to have many styles available.

Glass Shelf Brackets

Glass shelves and their supporting brackets or clips serve various functions in your home. A subtle, simple glass shelf with tongue and groove supports may be a focal point of your living room, holding favorite collectibles or photographs. The supports for glass shelving do their work unobtrusively, giving your room a pleasingly aesthetic look.

You may also utilize glass shelves in your bathroom, to hold your various toiletries or decorative items. You can even have one mounted inside your shower area, for soaps and shampoos. Glass shelves are often seen beside bathroom mirrors, for keeping things like toothpaste and deodorant close at hand and easy to find. In the bathroom, glass shelves are especially functional, as well as decorative.

Bathroom Glass Shelves

Glass shelves can be supported with glass-look brackets, or you may opt for stainless steel or chrome finished brackets. The brackets that you have also seen on shelves made with other materials will often give more support to a glass shelf, but it won’t be as visually stimulating, which is why so many homeowners install floating glass shelves.

Shelving in your home serves important purposes other than being used for looks. It also gives you much more storage space than you would otherwise have, and if it is wall-mounted shelving, it won’t take up any floor space to do so.

If you are reaching for the minimalist feel for your home, you will probably be drawn to glass shelves, over wood or metal shelving. Glass is so pleasing to the eye, and their supports are integral to the function and form of your shelves. I have mounted glass shelves with many different types of brackets, depending on what was going to be displayed on them, and each situation is a bit different. But for display purposes, it’s hard to beat the tongue and groove support used in floating glass shelves.

Glass Shelves

Although glass may look fragile, the tempered types you can buy today are stronger than you might think. They also look exquisite and elegant, while holding their own against all but extremely heavy items like books. The brackets that support your glass shelves will lessen the chances of breakage if you have objects displayed that are somewhat heavy.

The actual attachment of glass shelves to their support brackets is sometimes different than the way wooden or metal shelves are attached. The brackets may have slots in each, so that you can slide the glass shelf right in. If you’re not sure you can do this yourself, by all means ask someone at the store where your glass was purchased if they will do the installation for you. It may cost a bit more, but it will give you peace of mind, knowing that your treasured pieces of art are secure.

Glass shelving is especially at home in the bathroom, since glass is waterproof and easily maintained. Rather than having things stuffed into drawers or cupboards, you can use glass shelves, which make everything easier to find, during your morning routine. If you have one extra shelf open, you can display sea shells or fancy guest soaps. You’ll be more relaxed and less pressed for time if everything is handy in your bathroom.

In addition to using glass shelving in bathrooms, it can also work well in other rooms. They are an excellent way to help in sprucing up a blank wall area. Rather than lining up jars on your kitchen counter, where they are decorative but in the way, use a glass shelf set by the counters to display them, and your counter space will still be available for use.

Kitchen Glass Shelves

Glass shelving is an excellent way to keep shelves out of your floor space, and they will beautify your walls, as well. You can use glass for shelving in homes, offices or shops. It’s available in various thicknesses and shapes, and the brackets can be nearly hidden or eliminated with tongue and groove floating shelf supports.

There are various types of glass shelves and brackets that will complement your decor and wall colors. Since most models are clear, they go well with nearly any glass and wall paint colors. In addition, the shine added to your room by glass shelves is elegant. You may also like frosted glass for your shelving, which will give it a more subtle look.

The brackets you use for your glass shelves can also add to the style of the room you are mounting them in. White or black enamel can give your room an “artsy” look, and wrought iron makes the modern style of glass shelving fit in with more traditional settings.

You can also use twin slot shelving in your glass shelving installations. These are also called spur brackets, and in this manner, your shelves will be fixed on two long, vertical, parallel brackets. These shelving supports are adjustable, so that you can move the shelving up or down, depending on what you have displayed on your shelves.

You can also use shelf brackets that are concealed, to show off the items you want to display. These work in an ideal way for decorative purposes, since they are scarcely visible. By using these supports, you can place glass shelving in areas where you feel they look the best, and this can help the collectibles you display to appear as though they are floating in mid-air.