Custom Glass Shelves

Your selection of proper shelving can make or break the look of your room, and custom glass shelves will give you a chance to improve the looks and the feel of your living room, den or family room. There may be more than one factor that influences your selections.

First off, you will want to plan what you will be displaying on your shelves. You wouldn’t want glass shelves for bulky, heavy items, but for collectibles or other items, they can be just what you’re looking for. Glass shelves are not usually as fragile as they may look at first glance, but they are not usually quite as strong as metal or wood.

Next, consider what type of effect you wish to achieve, along with the furnishings already in the room, and the theme it already carries. If your room is rustic and traditional, glass shelves would probably not be your first choice – rather, wood might be a good choice. Glass shelves do suit many different styles and types of interior decor, though, so don’t overlook them if you want an elegant look.

You will also want to consider safety, before you install glass shelves. If you want shelves to be on a lower level, and you have younger children, glass shelves may be a hazard. Use a different material for lower shelves, or plan your shelves at a higher level.

Glass shelves work especially well in bathrooms, since they won’t need to hold any particularly heavy items, and the open style will make it easier to find your health and hygiene products. Tinted glass is particularly effective with color schemes in your bathroom, or in other rooms in your house.

If you can’t find the style of shelf you want at home improvement or glass stores, you may want to consider custom glass shelves, since they can be made to your specifications, for any room you like. Glass shelves are fairly easy to maintain and clean, since there is no varnish or stain to worry you. Chips and scratches can even be repaired, and glass shelves let all kinds of light shine through. This enables you to see all the displayed objects from any angle.

Glass shelves are also striking and elegant when you use them with mirrors, so that the objects will be reflected even more. When you utilize spot lighting as well, mirrored glass shelves are very dramatically beautiful, and even more so at night.

The ways that glass can be cut and handled these days will allow you to include wavy edges and curves on your custom designs. Custom shelving can be more expensive than stock shelving, but if you have a special design in mind, take it to a glass cutter and see how he can help you bring your designs to life.

You can also achieve a striking appearance by using floating glass shelves, since these have concealed tongue and groove systems that support them. This gives you a clean and sleek look. If you have custom glass shelves designed for any room in your home, consider utilizing floating type shelves, as these will be a true focal point in your room.