Floating Glass Shelves

There are fewer more elegant ways to show off your collectibles than floating glass shelves. All of your special items will be prominently seen on these modern shelves. Brackets can be a bit bulky when you mount traditional type shelves, but floating shelves don’t leave you with that problem.

A floating shelf has brackets that are different than those on traditional shelves. This does make it easier to build wall designs that are effective. Floating shelves have internal brackets that are roughly the same length as the shelves. They are specially designed to keep you from seeing the brackets. Floating shelf brackets allow the shelves to slide on through the back of the shelves. In this way, the shelves will look more sleek than traditional shelves. When using this type of shelves, you can mount them anywhere, including areas too small for traditional shelves.

Floating shelves may appear fragile at first glance, due to the way they sit. The brackets are hidden, which gives the floating shelf its name. They are actually nearly as strong as regular shelving.

Manufacturers of floating shelves realized, when they designed them, that every shelf seems to appear to have no external support. They can be reinforced, due to their design. The way this is accomplished involves attaching screws to your wall, and then adding well-made materials for the internal brackets. The brackets extend to a length sufficient to give the shelves solid support. Floating glass shelves can hold heavier items than you would think, without you worrying whether they are strong enough.

Floating shelves are lovely to look at and functional, as well. Glass shelves give your room a sleek look that can go with nearly any decor If your house is modern, you can supplement your style by using glass floating shelves to showcase collectibles or portraits. In addition, glass will go with whatever colors you are already using in the room. Shelves that show off intricate designs and a thin, sleek style will add charm to your room.

If you are even somewhat a do-it-yourself person, you can probably install floating shelves yourself. Make sure you have the proper tools for the job before you begin. Determine how many shelves you would like to use first, and the levels at which you’d like them to hang. Make sure there aren’t any hidden pipes or cables in your way.

Lay the first bracket flat against your wall, and check to make sure it’s level. Mark the places you will be drilling the holes. Then drill the holes themselves, using screws or fittings that work the best with the bracket materials and your wall. Screw each shelving bracket into place.

Next, you will be sliding your shelves onto their brackets, making sure that each shelf is level. After you’re sure you like the positions of the shelves, slide your shelf off and then position the rest of the brackets. When all the brackets are up on your wall, slide on your floating glass shelves and affix them to the brackets, using the appropriate screws.