Glass Bathroom Shelf

You can store many of your toiletries on an attractive glass bathroom shelf, and still keep them handy for everyday use. Whereas closets and living rooms need heavier shelves, your bathroom is usually a great place to use glass to its greatest advantage.

Bathroom glass shelving is a common choice in many homes of today. With its reflective or transparent surface, glass is a natural in the bathroom. Be sure to wipe down your shelves at least once a week, so that they will retain their beauty and shine.

Since bathrooms are usually smaller rooms in your home, bathroom glass shelves don’t have to hold heavy items like closet or garage storage shelves might. You can find glass shelves that are larger if you need them, but smaller glass shelves are more often used. In this way, they can most effectively give you space for smaller items and air fresheners.

Since most glass shelving is narrow, it offers a practical place to store cologne or perfumes, and it’s handy, since you can see everything that is on the shelf without moving things around. You can also see what is on the other levels of shelving fairly easily, and this makes finding those smaller tubes and bottles easier.

Bathroom shelving is also a great-looking storage alternative for your home. It will give your bathroom a modern, spacious feeling. The surface is fairly easy to clean, and the bathroom is one room where you especially want everything to look clean and tidy.

While a glass bathroom shelf holds all those small containers and bottles easily, it’s not the best choice for each situation. If you don’t have a linen closet close to your bathroom, you may need to store towels and the like in your bathroom, and these generally call for heavier duty shelves.

Metal and wood shelves may be used when you are working within a tight budget, but they certainly don’t have the same visual appear that mirrors and bathroom glass shelves do. Larger items generally call for metal or wood, due to their greater strength, and to lessen the chance of breakage that you have when you use glass for shelves.

Floating shelves look good in bathrooms as well, and these can be made from any variety of materials. You can store linens on floating shelves and they won’t have the bulky look that linen shelves sometimes do. But standard brackets may be used in bathrooms as well.

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can add extra storage space that will be as attractive as it is useful. Shelves can keep everything out in the open, as opposed to using drawers and cabinets. You may have drawers in your vanity for other bathroom supplies, but glass is often the first choice for stately and attractive storage.

Glass shelves provide storage with flair, rather than closing things into a cabinet, which may take up valuable floor space. And a glass bathroom shelf will show clean lines and organized storage, which will make your bathroom more attractive.