Glass Bookshelves

If you have an extensive library, perhaps you haven’t yet thought of using glass bookshelves to display and hold your books. Glass used to be thought of as too fragile to use in bookshelves, but modern advances in manufacturing technology have made it possible to use sturdy glass shelves to hold all your favorite books.

Wall shelves add a bit of style to your room, and make it feel more unique than a plain wood or laminate shelf would. In addition to books, you can store collectibles and decorative items on glass shelves, as well. Glass is being used in more innovative ways to display books and awards in your home. It has replaced wood in some instances.

Glass shelving has actually been used for quite some time. Various types of shelves are used today, and they may have supports made of wood, or they may be designed as floating shelves. For the purpose of displaying your library, you may want to use the more standard glass shelves, since they may be a bit more secure, for this purpose.

Glass is often used as a modern building material, as well. Some glass shelving is more useful for decorative purposes, but stronger glass shelves can easily accommodate your library. You can select from many different designs and shapes of glass bookshelves, although the most popular shelving for books is generally more traditional in appearance.

Tempered glass is used in some shelving units, and it is safer to use if you have children. This type of glass doesn’t shatter like traditional glass. Tempered glass shelves are durable and sturdy, especially if you wish to display your favorite books on glass shelves.

You’ll also want to consider where you will be placing your shelves, for the maximum efficiency in storage and elegance in design. Generally, glass shelves are placed along walls, and out of the way of foot traffic in your home.

Glass shelving is an elegant way to include storage in your room, especially for collectible books that you want on display. They add a focus to your room, and the sturdier models are made so that they can easily hold heavy items like books.

If you use floating glass shelves to display your library, you will find that they are a very dramatic way to show off your books. They have virtually invisible brackets, but are normally installed one shelf at a time, rather than a unit, which you usually will use to store books.

If you do use floating shelves for books, you will like the way the shelving appears to be suspended, since the framework is not visible. Glass shelves that are wall-mounted can be placed in a staggered pattern on the wall, to make for a more interesting display. They can also be lined up straight, so that they appear in form closer to a traditional shelf. If you are using glass bookshelves, you will want deeper, rather than shallower, shelves, so that they can accommodate all the books in your home library.

Glass Bookshelves