Glass Shelf Brackets

When you decide to add glass shelving to your home, you will want to use the highest quality glass shelf brackets, to protect the items that you will be displaying from falling. Shelving gives you more storage space than you would otherwise have, as well as a place for you to show off your prized decorations, collectible and pictures. Shelf brackets are like the backbone for your shelving, so you will want to make sure they are well made.

First, determine the type of items you will be placing on your glass shelves. Brackets must be able to hold the weight without putting undue stress on the brackets or on the shelves themselves. There are many different options available with shelf brackets, and they range from simple to ornate in appearance. Ornate brackets will look elegant in your living room, but you may not need to be quite as conscious of that style when you make shelves for your bathroom. Bedrooms may have polished and elegant brackets, too.

Select glass shelves and brackets that are functional as well as beautiful. In closets and the like, you can use simple metal brackets in an “L” shape, but for glass shelving, you will want something much more polished and refined. With glass, you’re not looking so much at cheap storage options as you are at elegant shelving.

You can purchase glass shelf brackets at home improvement and hardware stores in your area. If you are looking for more special designs, you may want to check in the yellow pages for interior design showrooms or glass cutters.

Select a flush-mounted, decorative bracket when you are going to be hanging glass shelves. Brackets need to be strong enough to do the job, but still elegant enough to look appropriate with the shelving. Brackets come in different types and styles, so take your time and select one that perfectly fits the shelves you will be hanging. Finding just the right brackets may take a bit longer, but you will be pleased with the effect when you mount the shelves, if you select elegant brackets.

Specialty glass shelves and brackets may cost a bit more, too, but remember that money you wisely put into your house will often make the value of that house increase. A well-showing bathroom can add a great deal to your home’s value, when and if you decide to sell.

Some glass shelves and brackets will look more flexible if your brackets are adjustable. These use tracks that are mounted on the wall, and then the brackets run inside the tracks, for easy adjustment of height. This type of solution is not as often used with glass shelving, since it shows a lot of the hardware behind it.

A folding bracket is handy to have if you won’t be using your shelves all the time, so that you can take the shelf down and flatten the brackets. This is an effective space saver, but, again, it not often used with glass shelving options. The best glass shelf brackets for your project will be the ones that look most appealing with the shelving design, to show off your collectibles or pictures in an appealing way.