Glass Shelves for Orderly Bathrooms

If you’re a homeowner or a renter, you already know how important it is to have adequate shelving in your bathroom, to keep track of all your grooming essentials and neatly folded extra towels. You can also use glass shelves in bathrooms for a clever display of sea shells or guest soaps. If you have lots of shelf space available, it’s easier for everyone to remember to put things back where they belong, for the next person. Glass shelves are especially handy in bathrooms, since the humidity won’t hurt them at all, whereas it might warp wood shelves.

A tiered glass shelving unit can be handy as well as attractive, in a bathroom. You can store anything you want on the shelves, and they will show off your bathroom more effectively than you will with things strewn on top of the sink countertop. Three or four tiers of glass will give you lots of room for decorative items and toiletries as well. These shelves usually attach to your wall with a frame, into which the shelves fit. These storage helpers can be purchased already assembled or at one of the box stores, if you’re a handy-person.  I’ve assembled many of these for customers and friends, and they are easy to set up and quite handy for storage and decorative purposes both.

Bathroom Glass Shelves

You can also purchase a glass and chrome shelf unit, which will enable you to use wall space and not floor space, for storage. These units are usually fairly tall and thin, so they have a small foot print. The bright chrome finish will wipe clean easily, as will the shelves, and the clean and simple lines will work in nearly any bathroom, regardless of your decor.

Many glass shelving options can be utilized in bathrooms, even if they weren’t designed to be used there. Some people now opt for plastic shelving for their bathrooms, but that isn’t nearly as attractive, and it also can become discolored after long use. Steel and glass shelving will give you quite a trendy look, even if you watch HGTV a lot and have bright colors on your walls. You can find units that are free-standing or units that mount on the wall, whichever will work best for your bathroom. If you have children that use the same bathroom, I would suggest that you use the wall-mounted glass shelves and mount them high enough so that the little ones can’t reach them.

Glass shelves in bathroom

Glass is always in style as a design element, and it will give your bathroom an interesting and amazing environment. The clean lines of glass shelves will make the room feel cleaner, too. Glass shelving makes your bathroom more appealing, and it can change the look of the room for the better. Glass is very functional as well as being attractive, and it will look more unique in your bathroom than tired old plastic or wooden shelves. It will also help to make your bathroom look and feel more spacious.

If you are remodeling or designing a bathroom, glass will fit in with most any design you might elect to use. You can also use colored glass, and glass made in forms, in addition to glass shelving. Glass may be used around bathtubs and sink vessels, to lay out any toiletries you may use frequently. Glass shelving is especially handy in small bathrooms, since it makes them look and feel larger.

Bathroom Glass Shelving Idea

Open glass storage shelves will look wonderful in virtually any bathroom you may be designing. It gives a look that says more organization and less clutter. You can access items stored on open glass shelves quite easily, and also use them for decorative purposes.

You may opt to accent your glass shelving with glass tiles, which will do even more to add to the spacious feel of your bathroom. Sit sea shells and other decorative items on glass shelves, and use glass tiles to show off the reflections of the decorations. Glass shelves can be used around the frames of mirrors as well, to make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious.

Bathroom Mirror with Glass Shelves

Glass bathroom shelves are easy to keep clean with just soap and water, unless you opt to use a glass cleaner instead. Maintaining these shelves is easier than talking care of wood, which is constantly getting dusty and affected by humidity, both. Glass resists moisture, humidity and steam, so a simple wipe will get rid of any excess moisture on your shelves. You may want to place candles or flowers on your taller-spaced glass shelves, for an even more elegant look. Make sure your glass shelves are thick enough for the weight you are placing on them.

Glass shelves that are fully open in the front and sides will make getting to your bathroom toiletries and other essentials handy. You can choose from frosted, tinted or plain glass. There is a newer type of glass on the market now, known as “variable transparency glass”, and this is virtually unbreakable, and quite safe for bathrooms. These glass shelves look more transparent while you have the lights on, but then look matte when you turn the lights off. You can also use mirrors placed behind glass shelves for a unique style and a brighter look.

Glass Shelf Under Bathroom Mirror

Glass shelving units can be used in your bathroom for a divider or partition, and still retain their ability to organize a cluttered room. This is especially handy if your master bath is attached to your bedroom. Replacing traditional doors with stylish partitions can make the space look bigger, too. You may use matte, transparent or tinted glass in shelving units used to divide areas in the room.

Stained glass panels can be used behind glass shelving units to create a look that is even more unique. This will spread color effectively all over the room. Make sure you use colors behind the shelves that complement the colors already in the room. Glass shelves have so many purposes in bathrooms, besides making the room look larger and more unique.