Glass Shelving Systems

Shelves have been in existence for a long time and people have placed on them all manner of items. Mostly you will find books on them and sometime picture frames although people are not lacking in innovation and you will find people placing all manner of items on their shelves. When it comes to interior decorating, people are very particular. What makes many homes become challenged when it comes to their decoration in the house is clutter. This means the items that are just lying around and cannot be stored away and out of sight. These can be books, CDs, magazines, shoes, carvings, picture frames and other items. Houses which have children have more clutter because children do not appear to have a sense of organization the way adults do. Shelves are an ideal way to deal with clutter in the house and will more or less be found in many houses one goes to. There are many types of shelves but the two predominant ones are wood and glass.

Wooden shelves are widely popular and used in almost every home. This is because wood is cheap to obtain. Even in the ancient days, wood was readily available because all it involved was cutting trees and these were in great abundance and they still are although environmentalists are decrying the use of wood products because they contribute to deforestation. Wood also blends easily with the rest of the furniture. When you go to many houses, you will notice that the general furniture and chairs are predominantly wood. So it makes sense that the shelves should be made of wood as well because it blends well with the rest of the furniture and appears to be a set.

Wood is also very resilient. It can withstand almost any weight that you place on it. Small flat shelves are used for books and people also place electronics on them such as speakers, stereos and also large TV sets.

While wood does hold its own when it comes to shelves, glass shelving systems have quickly become almost as popular. One of the reasons is because of its strength. The glass that is used to make shelves is specially treated and is called tempered glass which is ideal for withstanding huge weights. Tempered glass is not easily broken and when it does, it will not shatter into hundreds or thousands small pieces as would be the case if you were to drop say a drinking glass. This special composition makes it safe especially if there are small children in the house who are careless.

Glass shelving systems are also ideal because it is easy to clean. While it may gather dust just as easily as wood, it only requires simply Windex which is easily available in stores and a wet cloth and the cleaning job is done. Wood on the other hand may require a special finish which may or may not necessarily be in stock. This gives shelves made of glass an instant advantage over their wood counterparts.