Glass Shelving Units

It is almost unanimously agreed that one cannot have a good interior design model without having a good shelf system. Shelves are almost always present to add the necessary designer’s touch and on them you will find a wide range of things from glass carvings’ to books to flower vases. Wooden shelves have been the most popular but as interior designers get more innovating, we see that there is a shift to more exotic types of shelves such as glass shelves or glass shelving units. Let us look a little bit at wooden shelves.

Most wooden shelve available today are not really made of real wood but are usually constructed out of a solid core of a cheaper pressed wood or plywood. This is also called “engineered” wood which is then covered with paint or veneer. This makes them considerably cheaper than actual wood. One interesting fact is that they may actually be lighter and stronger than real wood! Sometimes the wood is actually made of recycled wood at the same time. But there are still those who feel that real wood is actually the best when it comes to shelves. These same people also have been switching to another material for shelves which has slowly been gaining currency, glass.

Not all glass shelves are the same. They also come in different types and in order to get the best buy, one must be able to tell the difference between the different types. There is what is called tempered glass. With regular glass, damage is a real risk especially when the glass is either hit or dropped. It ends up breaking into hundreds of small bits. But this is not the case with tempered glass. This less is less likely to crack or chip if knocked or dropped and in most cases is twice as strong as regular or annealed glass. Tempered glass is also strong because it is thick and is therefore able to withstand pressure especially when someone places an object on it. When buying glass wall shelves, you must be able to understand these aspects of glass in order to make the right purchase. Here are a few things you should ask yourself before;

One question should ask yourself is, what items are you going to be placing on your shelf? Most people buy shelves for books but there are others who place other items on it. For those with other heavy items, it is important to determine whether the shelf is stable enough to withstand the additional weight.

Then another aspect to take into consideration is where in the house the shelf will be placed. Since the shelves are more fragile than those made of wood, it is important to place the shelf where there is no danger of a door swinging open and knocking it.

These are some of the factors to consider when looking to buy a glass wall shelf. They are beautiful and made of tempered glass which is certainly very resistant to wear and tear and can withstand a lot of weight.