Glass Shelving

There are many choices when you go shopping for shelving, and one of the most attractive is glass shelves. The way that your rooms are decorated will help to determine if this style will work well in your home.

First, determine what you are planning to display on your shelves. Glass shelving can be very elegant, but not everything will look appropriate displayed on glass. If you plan to showcase your library, or other heavy items, you will probably want to look for a material other than glass for that purpose. Metal or wood are logical choices for books. An extensively supported glass shelf might be able to hold your books, but you probably would be more comfortable and self-assured with a heavier-duty shelf unit.

Next, you will want to think about the effect you want to achieve, and the existing furnishings and decor that the room already has. If you are looking for shelves for a cozy den, you may opt for something with a more rustic charm than glass. Wood is usually a good choice in this situation. But glass can suit a variety of interior styles and many different design types.

You’ll also need to keep safety in mind when you are deciding whether glass wall shelving will work in your home. Don’t use glass for low shelves if you have children or pets, because they may become injured. Most of the glass shelves of today are made with strengthened and toughened tempered glass, but you can never be too careful.

Shelving made from glass is especially well-suited to bathrooms, which typically are smaller spaces without the need for holding bulky or heavy items. A tinted glass shelf is also an attractive addition to your bathroom, if the color scheme will support it.

Shelves of glass are fairly easy to maintain and clean, with no varnish or veneer to attend to. Even chips and scratches can be repaired, if you want to keep the shelf after it has become damaged. Glass type shelving can also allow lots of light to shine into a room, which will give the objects good display looks from any angle. In addition, the extra light will help to give your room a warm and sunny glow.

Glass shelving is quite striking and elegant when it’s used with mirrors, since they reflect even more light. When you add spotlights to the scene, mirrored shelves can be very dramatic and lovely, particularly at night.

Modern glass cutting and handling techniques can help your shelves to achieve rounded edges and curves, that will help your shelves show off a custom look. If you don’t see the shape or design that you want, try visiting a glass cutter, to have a custom shelf made.

Most shelving can be hung without professional help, but don’t be afraid to consult someone if you’re worried about working with glass. It’s quite natural, even though the tempered glass of today is stronger than glass shelving used to be. Glass shelves will provide an elegant place to display your most treasured items.