Glass Wall Shelves

If you have collectibles or small pieces of art that you would like to display, glass wall shelves can be the perfect solution. Wall shelves are made in a variety of materials, but glass is arguably the most elegant. Shelves help to keep your things well-organized, while giving your room more storage space in a way that is decorative and useful. You can use various shelves in every room of your house, from simple wooden shelves in your laundry room to sophisticated glass shelves in your living room or bedroom.

The styles and variety of wall shelves are many. From contemporary to classic styles, they will fit into your home by complementing your décor. You can just take one look around your home to see where shelves can help you sort out things and put collectibles on display.

Some of the shelves can be found in shapes like triangle, curved, square, rectangular or round. By the way they are mounted, they are categorized into fixed, floating, adjustable, modular, free standing or hanging shelves. Besides glass, you can buy shelves made from wrought iron, plastic, acrylic, metal and wood. Shelves can fit into all types of purposes and settings.

Most wall shelves mount with brackets or anchored screws, generally driven into the wall at points where the studs occur. You can also find shelving units with hidden brackets, which slide into slots in the surface facing the wall. In a floating shelf unit, the way the glass wall shelves are mounted conceals the mounting hardware in the space between the shelf and the wall. They look fragile, but they are actually made thicker, to support the weight better. If you’re not a handyman, don’t worry – you can buy kits that include mounting systems built in.

You probably have lots of things that you’d like to display, but until you mount proper shelves, they might remain in boxes in the attic or the basement. You’ll want some shelving ideas to get you started.

For bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms, you may choose wood or glass for shelves that will give those rooms an elegant and classy feel. With many finishes and colors, and the clear finish of glass shelves, you won’t have any problem matching your shelves to your décor.

For kids’ rooms, you can use country white shelves, or another color that works well with the theme of their rooms. Glass is not very practical for a child’s room, unless he or she is in the teenage years. You can use corner shelves in nearly any room of your home, as well. Metal and wood are commonly used for corner shelves. In the laundry and kitchen, you can use acrylic and plastic shelving to store pots and pans and laundry needs.

One shelf that can start a conversation is a glass shelf in your living room. You can place plates or other collectibles, like salt and pepper shakers, or nostalgic memorabilia on these glass wall shelves, and your guests will be happy to have a chance to see the items that you are interested in collecting.