How To Install Bathroom Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are excellent accessories for your bathroom. They can keep soaps, shampoos and other essentials for the room organized and away from the countertops and walls of your tub. Glass is also very easy to clean and keep sanitary. Many glass shelves come with their own hardware for installation, and they can be finished up in an afternoon. You’ll need a screwdriver, a drill, a hammer, hardware and screws.

First, remove your glass shelf from its packaging, and make sure you have the appropriate hardware to install it. This is normally found in the form of a plastic bag with brackets, anchors and screws.

Place your glass bath shelf where it will be hung, to make sure it looks like you had pictured when you picked it out. Mark the shelf’s top and bottom with a pencil and then mark the mounting holes through the shelf while it is placed where you want it.

Use a bit to drill out the holes for the shelves, where you have them marked. Then place the glass bath shelf against the wall once more, and have someone hold it in place.

Glass Bath Shelves

Use the mounting screws and the included washers to place through the mounting holes, and twist them into place. Before you put the shelf back onto the wall for the final time, tap anchors into the mounting holes that you have drilled, using a small hammer.

Screw the glass shelf into position with a power driver. Do the same with each mounting hole, and then check to make sure that your shelf is securely fastened to the wall.

In living rooms, shelves need to be sturdy, but glass shelving can work in these rooms as well. They are as at-home in the bathroom as anywhere, however. The reflective or transparent glass does some of its best work in the bathroom.

Since bathrooms are usually smaller, a glass shelf can make the room feel and look bigger. They will give you the best spaces for toiletries and other items like folded up towels, or washcloths.

Bathroom Glass Shelves

Since glass shelves for bathrooms are usually narrow, this will allow cologne or perfume to be lined up, so you can see everything you’re reaching for. A transparent glass shelf can also be appealing since you can see items on other shelves, too. This makes smaller items much easier to get to.

Beyond all the other reasons for glass shelves in a bathroom, glass looks elegant. It will give your room a modern, fresh feeling. The surface of glass is sterile and also easy to clean. And this is a great thing, in a bathroom.

While you will welcome glass shelves for bottles or containers, you’ll also have some spots in the bathroom that will work more easily with wooden or metal shelves, like the area in the linen closet. Metal or wood are more cost-effective than glass for many applications, but they don’t have the appeal that glass shelves do. If you are looking to store smaller items, it’s hard to beat the look of glass.

Bathroom Glass Shelves

Floating shelves are handy for bathroom usage, too. You can’t see the mounting hardware of floating shelves, and they are great looking. They can store towels or washcloths while still keeping the room stylish.

If your bathroom is especially small, glass shelves are the way to go. Cabinets take up a good amount of space, and their items are stored out of sight, so they are harder to get to when you’re in a hurry to get to work in the morning. You’ll always have some items like toilet bowl cleaner and toilet paper that you would rather have stored out of sight, but for many essentials, glass shelves work fine. They will help you reserve the area under your sink for bathroom cleaning products, and will keep your personal items away from the possibility of water damage if you previously stored them under there, as well.

A corner glass shelf will fit perfectly into a bathroom corner, and will allow you to use the space between the corner where two walls meet. Corner glass shelves look simple but elegant, and they are just another handy place for skin care products, soaps and lotions. You can also stack extra washcloths and towels in a corner shelf, so they are readily available when you need them.

Corner Glass Shelves

Glass wall shelves will fit a flat surface and they are generally sized so that they can fit small or medium items. You can add a few glass wall shelves near your tub or vanity mirror, and it will be easy for you to grab items from these shelves when you need them. Make sure that the glass is of a thickness that can safely hold the items you will be placing there. If you have an abundance of wall space but not a lot of floor space, you could even install a glass wall cabinet in any location where it won’t be in the way when you use the bathroom to shower or to prepare for work. Glass wall shelf units usually will have three or more shelves, that will make them truly handy to store things on.

If you do have floor space that you can use for storage, a free-standing glass shelf unit will be very handy. These can be convenient in a bathroom, since the items are easy to get to. Corner glass shelves are handy to organize the things that clutter up your bathroom. These shelves can be of help in storing and also organizing smaller bottles of soap and shampoo and the like.

Glass shelves for bathrooms are great for organizing and for making your bathroom storage more compact. With glass shelves, the items you need, such as your toiletries, are never far away, and you can see them without going through everything on the shelves, since they are transparent. This enhances the utility, since they are so transparent. You can grab things as you need them, rather than having to pick up and check each bottle.