Glass Display Shelves

There are always memories that are valuable emotionally in your life, and glass display shelves are a perfect place to put them. Things that mean the most to you deserve a place of honor in your home. Glass shelving shows off your memories in a wonderful way. The shelves are made to fit in with modern interior design, and they can look fine with any shades of paint on the walls. Your trophies and souvenirs can be set on display on glass shelves. The shelves themselves are an excellent style addition to most modern homes.

Glass shelving has a transparency to it, and the shelves can usually be adjustable, depending on what you wish to display. Much design effort is put into their manufacture, to provide an attractive way to show off your elegant memories. The frame and hardware, including pull handles and shelving clips may be made from anodized aluminum or stainless steel. The units are designed to display to the maximum the items on the shelves. Some shelving units may have mirrors on the back panel, to highlight the things that are so important to you. Transparent glass may be used for the shelving plates and sides, and they may even be fitted with their own lights.

Generally, if there is a wooden part of these glass shelves, it is limited to just the base shelf. Expensive woods may be used, like birch, walnut, cherry or oak. The shelves themselves may show off different designs, and there is no bulkiness to them. The idea they bring across is making the glass display shelves suit various positions within your living area.

Many other thoughts go into the design of glass shelving, to make them perfect for display. To give some of them a more decorative look, the top may be made with a coverlet of flower patterns. The styles may also include floating shelves in different arrangement types, and some of the shelves include glass side panels with intricate designs.

Glass cabinets are used today to display products in retail stores and showrooms, as well. High-end hotels may use glass cabinets in their lounges to display the credentials they have achieved. Some showrooms may use glass transitional shelf units with all four sides made of glass, in order to achieve maximum visibility. These may be placed out from a wall at positions in the floor plan that are suitable. The elegance of the display is the main idea here. Exposing the items with such grace will enhance the charm of the memories. The glass shelving also shows respect for the people who made the collectibles or credentials possible.

When you display collectibles and sentimental items on glass shelves, it’s an excellent way to share your experiences in life with others who see them. Offices and homes alike often tell you a story about the people who work and live there. If you take the time to select the glass display shelves that will do your memorabilia the most justice, you will also be finding furnishings that can add elegance to your home or office.

Glass Display Shelves

Custom Glass Shelves

Your selection of proper shelving can make or break the look of your room, and custom glass shelves will give you a chance to improve the looks and the feel of your living room, den or family room. There may be more than one factor that influences your selections.

First off, you will want to plan what you will be displaying on your shelves. You wouldn’t want glass shelves for bulky, heavy items, but for collectibles or other items, they can be just what you’re looking for. Glass shelves are not usually as fragile as they may look at first glance, but they are not usually quite as strong as metal or wood.

Next, consider what type of effect you wish to achieve, along with the furnishings already in the room, and the theme it already carries. If your room is rustic and traditional, glass shelves would probably not be your first choice – rather, wood might be a good choice. Glass shelves do suit many different styles and types of interior decor, though, so don’t overlook them if you want an elegant look.

You will also want to consider safety, before you install glass shelves. If you want shelves to be on a lower level, and you have younger children, glass shelves may be a hazard. Use a different material for lower shelves, or plan your shelves at a higher level.

Glass shelves work especially well in bathrooms, since they won’t need to hold any particularly heavy items, and the open style will make it easier to find your health and hygiene products. Tinted glass is particularly effective with color schemes in your bathroom, or in other rooms in your house.

If you can’t find the style of shelf you want at home improvement or glass stores, you may want to consider custom glass shelves, since they can be made to your specifications, for any room you like. Glass shelves are fairly easy to maintain and clean, since there is no varnish or stain to worry you. Chips and scratches can even be repaired, and glass shelves let all kinds of light shine through. This enables you to see all the displayed objects from any angle.

Glass shelves are also striking and elegant when you use them with mirrors, so that the objects will be reflected even more. When you utilize spot lighting as well, mirrored glass shelves are very dramatically beautiful, and even more so at night.

The ways that glass can be cut and handled these days will allow you to include wavy edges and curves on your custom designs. Custom shelving can be more expensive than stock shelving, but if you have a special design in mind, take it to a glass cutter and see how he can help you bring your designs to life.

You can also achieve a striking appearance by using floating glass shelves, since these have concealed tongue and groove systems that support them. This gives you a clean and sleek look. If you have custom glass shelves designed for any room in your home, consider utilizing floating type shelves, as these will be a true focal point in your room.

Floating Glass Shelves

There are fewer more elegant ways to show off your collectibles than floating glass shelves. All of your special items will be prominently seen on these modern shelves. Brackets can be a bit bulky when you mount traditional type shelves, but floating shelves don’t leave you with that problem.

A floating shelf has brackets that are different than those on traditional shelves. This does make it easier to build wall designs that are effective. Floating shelves have internal brackets that are roughly the same length as the shelves. They are specially designed to keep you from seeing the brackets. Floating shelf brackets allow the shelves to slide on through the back of the shelves. In this way, the shelves will look more sleek than traditional shelves. When using this type of shelves, you can mount them anywhere, including areas too small for traditional shelves.

Floating shelves may appear fragile at first glance, due to the way they sit. The brackets are hidden, which gives the floating shelf its name. They are actually nearly as strong as regular shelving.

Manufacturers of floating shelves realized, when they designed them, that every shelf seems to appear to have no external support. They can be reinforced, due to their design. The way this is accomplished involves attaching screws to your wall, and then adding well-made materials for the internal brackets. The brackets extend to a length sufficient to give the shelves solid support. Floating glass shelves can hold heavier items than you would think, without you worrying whether they are strong enough.

Floating shelves are lovely to look at and functional, as well. Glass shelves give your room a sleek look that can go with nearly any decor If your house is modern, you can supplement your style by using glass floating shelves to showcase collectibles or portraits. In addition, glass will go with whatever colors you are already using in the room. Shelves that show off intricate designs and a thin, sleek style will add charm to your room.

If you are even somewhat a do-it-yourself person, you can probably install floating shelves yourself. Make sure you have the proper tools for the job before you begin. Determine how many shelves you would like to use first, and the levels at which you’d like them to hang. Make sure there aren’t any hidden pipes or cables in your way.

Lay the first bracket flat against your wall, and check to make sure it’s level. Mark the places you will be drilling the holes. Then drill the holes themselves, using screws or fittings that work the best with the bracket materials and your wall. Screw each shelving bracket into place.

Next, you will be sliding your shelves onto their brackets, making sure that each shelf is level. After you’re sure you like the positions of the shelves, slide your shelf off and then position the rest of the brackets. When all the brackets are up on your wall, slide on your floating glass shelves and affix them to the brackets, using the appropriate screws.

Glass Shelving

There are many choices when you go shopping for shelving, and one of the most attractive is glass shelves. The way that your rooms are decorated will help to determine if this style will work well in your home.

First, determine what you are planning to display on your shelves. Glass shelving can be very elegant, but not everything will look appropriate displayed on glass. If you plan to showcase your library, or other heavy items, you will probably want to look for a material other than glass for that purpose. Metal or wood are logical choices for books. An extensively supported glass shelf might be able to hold your books, but you probably would be more comfortable and self-assured with a heavier-duty shelf unit.

Next, you will want to think about the effect you want to achieve, and the existing furnishings and decor that the room already has. If you are looking for shelves for a cozy den, you may opt for something with a more rustic charm than glass. Wood is usually a good choice in this situation. But glass can suit a variety of interior styles and many different design types.

You’ll also need to keep safety in mind when you are deciding whether glass wall shelving will work in your home. Don’t use glass for low shelves if you have children or pets, because they may become injured. Most of the glass shelves of today are made with strengthened and toughened tempered glass, but you can never be too careful.

Shelving made from glass is especially well-suited to bathrooms, which typically are smaller spaces without the need for holding bulky or heavy items. A tinted glass shelf is also an attractive addition to your bathroom, if the color scheme will support it.

Shelves of glass are fairly easy to maintain and clean, with no varnish or veneer to attend to. Even chips and scratches can be repaired, if you want to keep the shelf after it has become damaged. Glass type shelving can also allow lots of light to shine into a room, which will give the objects good display looks from any angle. In addition, the extra light will help to give your room a warm and sunny glow.

Glass shelving is quite striking and elegant when it’s used with mirrors, since they reflect even more light. When you add spotlights to the scene, mirrored shelves can be very dramatic and lovely, particularly at night.

Modern glass cutting and handling techniques can help your shelves to achieve rounded edges and curves, that will help your shelves show off a custom look. If you don’t see the shape or design that you want, try visiting a glass cutter, to have a custom shelf made.

Most shelving can be hung without professional help, but don’t be afraid to consult someone if you’re worried about working with glass. It’s quite natural, even though the tempered glass of today is stronger than glass shelving used to be. Glass shelves will provide an elegant place to display your most treasured items.

Glass Bathroom Shelf

You can store many of your toiletries on an attractive glass bathroom shelf, and still keep them handy for everyday use. Whereas closets and living rooms need heavier shelves, your bathroom is usually a great place to use glass to its greatest advantage.

Bathroom glass shelving is a common choice in many homes of today. With its reflective or transparent surface, glass is a natural in the bathroom. Be sure to wipe down your shelves at least once a week, so that they will retain their beauty and shine.

Since bathrooms are usually smaller rooms in your home, bathroom glass shelves don’t have to hold heavy items like closet or garage storage shelves might. You can find glass shelves that are larger if you need them, but smaller glass shelves are more often used. In this way, they can most effectively give you space for smaller items and air fresheners.

Since most glass shelving is narrow, it offers a practical place to store cologne or perfumes, and it’s handy, since you can see everything that is on the shelf without moving things around. You can also see what is on the other levels of shelving fairly easily, and this makes finding those smaller tubes and bottles easier.

Bathroom shelving is also a great-looking storage alternative for your home. It will give your bathroom a modern, spacious feeling. The surface is fairly easy to clean, and the bathroom is one room where you especially want everything to look clean and tidy.

While a glass bathroom shelf holds all those small containers and bottles easily, it’s not the best choice for each situation. If you don’t have a linen closet close to your bathroom, you may need to store towels and the like in your bathroom, and these generally call for heavier duty shelves.

Metal and wood shelves may be used when you are working within a tight budget, but they certainly don’t have the same visual appear that mirrors and bathroom glass shelves do. Larger items generally call for metal or wood, due to their greater strength, and to lessen the chance of breakage that you have when you use glass for shelves.

Floating shelves look good in bathrooms as well, and these can be made from any variety of materials. You can store linens on floating shelves and they won’t have the bulky look that linen shelves sometimes do. But standard brackets may be used in bathrooms as well.

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can add extra storage space that will be as attractive as it is useful. Shelves can keep everything out in the open, as opposed to using drawers and cabinets. You may have drawers in your vanity for other bathroom supplies, but glass is often the first choice for stately and attractive storage.

Glass shelves provide storage with flair, rather than closing things into a cabinet, which may take up valuable floor space. And a glass bathroom shelf will show clean lines and organized storage, which will make your bathroom more attractive.

Glass Shelf Brackets

When you decide to add glass shelving to your home, you will want to use the highest quality glass shelf brackets, to protect the items that you will be displaying from falling. Shelving gives you more storage space than you would otherwise have, as well as a place for you to show off your prized decorations, collectible and pictures. Shelf brackets are like the backbone for your shelving, so you will want to make sure they are well made.

First, determine the type of items you will be placing on your glass shelves. Brackets must be able to hold the weight without putting undue stress on the brackets or on the shelves themselves. There are many different options available with shelf brackets, and they range from simple to ornate in appearance. Ornate brackets will look elegant in your living room, but you may not need to be quite as conscious of that style when you make shelves for your bathroom. Bedrooms may have polished and elegant brackets, too.

Select glass shelves and brackets that are functional as well as beautiful. In closets and the like, you can use simple metal brackets in an “L” shape, but for glass shelving, you will want something much more polished and refined. With glass, you’re not looking so much at cheap storage options as you are at elegant shelving.

You can purchase glass shelf brackets at home improvement and hardware stores in your area. If you are looking for more special designs, you may want to check in the yellow pages for interior design showrooms or glass cutters.

Select a flush-mounted, decorative bracket when you are going to be hanging glass shelves. Brackets need to be strong enough to do the job, but still elegant enough to look appropriate with the shelving. Brackets come in different types and styles, so take your time and select one that perfectly fits the shelves you will be hanging. Finding just the right brackets may take a bit longer, but you will be pleased with the effect when you mount the shelves, if you select elegant brackets.

Specialty glass shelves and brackets may cost a bit more, too, but remember that money you wisely put into your house will often make the value of that house increase. A well-showing bathroom can add a great deal to your home’s value, when and if you decide to sell.

Some glass shelves and brackets will look more flexible if your brackets are adjustable. These use tracks that are mounted on the wall, and then the brackets run inside the tracks, for easy adjustment of height. This type of solution is not as often used with glass shelving, since it shows a lot of the hardware behind it.

A folding bracket is handy to have if you won’t be using your shelves all the time, so that you can take the shelf down and flatten the brackets. This is an effective space saver, but, again, it not often used with glass shelving options. The best glass shelf brackets for your project will be the ones that look most appealing with the shelving design, to show off your collectibles or pictures in an appealing way.

Storage Shelf

There are items in your house that you use as decoration, but quite a few things just need a storage shelf to be stowed on. This way they are packed away but still easy to get to, when you need them. If you have power tools or otherwise bulky items that need stowed, they will be right at home on storage shelves. And collectibles, with their attractiveness, work well on display shelves.

Storage shelves should be just right for the items they need to hold. You don’t want huge bulky shelves on the wall if the items being stored are small, or they will be too difficult to find. You can have shelves custom made for your home or garage, or you can build them yourself – they aren’t difficult at all.

Building storage shelves is one of the easier DIY jobs around the house. Especially if they are just for use in the garage or laundry room, function is more important than form, as long as they are sturdy and stay where you put them. Reducing your household clutter will surely be worth the time you spend building shelves.

One of the easier kinds of shelves to build has two wall-mounted brackets that are secured to studs, and then a board is laid across them. It’s a fast job to tackle, it’s not expensive, and if the shelves are big enough, they will hold plenty of items you need stored. These easy and functional shelves are for spaces like closets, basements or garages – you want a more stylish shelf in a room you live in. There are other types of shelves that take a bit longer to construct, and they may be more suitable for living rooms or bedrooms. Each type of storage shelf has its own look and function, whether it be decorative or just functional.

If your workshop is cluttered, and you can’t find anything you want, you need a place to stow those tools. Your DIY jobs will flow much more smoothly when you can find all the tools you need to do the job. As your tool collection grows, so should your shelving solutions, to avoid chaotic clutter. Make sure you use all of the space you build, before adding additional shelves to the unit. Do your best to keep tools and equipment off the top of your workbenches and off your floors. As much as you can, stack upwards, not outwards.

You can put together some inexpensive shelving that is made from scrap wood in triangle shapes. If these are too shallow for your needs, use wider wood pieces to make deeper shelves. You can use 2×4’s attached to the studs, to set up a backing for wall panels. You can use pegboard on the walls, or drive screws or nails so that you can hang tools on them.

You can also use framework made from 2×4’s. Deck screws make excellent fasteners to attach the vertical posts and side rails together. Screws hold more evenly than nails, and they won’t be as likely to split the wood when you build a storage shelf.

Shelving Storage

With the possessions that you accumulate these days, you are bound to need extra shelving storage room in your home. People store extra things in the garage or storage sheds, but some things need to be stored indoors. There are other options to look at today, beyond the stereotypical shelves of yesterday. If you need quick storage in the basement or the garage, 2×4’s can still make handy shelves, but for your main rooms in the home, you’ll want something more attractive. Shelves of any wood or metal do use vertical space well, which helps to free up floor space to use for other things.

The main kinds of shelves you will see are wall-mounted and free-standing. Shelves that are mounted on your walls may be of different materials. If you will be storing anything heavy, make sure that you get a shelf that is suitable for heavy loads. Wire shelves can be found in heavy duty styles, too, and they can hold a good amount of weight. You can also easily see what you are storing, from below, so that makes it easier to grab just what you need. An open design is also helpful in setting up circulation of air, which helps to avoid mildew or mold problems.

When you hang wall shelves, be sure to keep in mind what you will be storing on them, to allow enough space between each shelf. Once you get them on the walls, you won’t want to do a lot of shelf relocation. You can hang wall-mounted shelves above a free standing shelf, and this will give you even more storage space. In addition, taller things can be stored underneath wall shelving storage units.

Shelves of the free-standing variety may be made from different materials, some of which are metal, wood, resin and pressed board. You can also use wire shelving, and these are usually coated with heavy duty rubber. Free-standing shelves can be moved around easily from one place to another, so you’re not locked into keeping things in the same place. They can also be used as dividers, for instance if you are separating your car parking area from your workbench, in the garage.

Free-standing shelving is available in different depths, generally between twelve and twenty inches. There are various styles to choose from, too. One handy feature that some units have is lockable casters, so that your shelves can be easily moved and then locked into place. Some of the resin and plastic shelving units can be broken down, if you want to relocate them. Coated wire shelves will be able to hold a lot of weight, and they won’t rust if they become wet. This places them as more useful in wet areas than pressed board shelves.

You can also store items in your garage in cabinets and on heavy duty hooks. You can add whatever options you need, so keep some wall space open. A combination of pegboard hangers and standard shelving storage cabinets will work well to stow everything you need stored.

Floating Shelves

If you want a stylish showing for your decorative collectibles, use floating shelves to show them off to their fullest beauty. Brackets get somewhat in the way when you are working on installing traditional shelves. You won’t have that problem with shelves that “float”.

A floating shelf doesn’t have brackets like traditional shelving does. This makes it easier to create elegant wall designs. A floating shelf has internal brackets that generally are the same length as the shelf. They are designed so that you don’t see any bracket. The shelves slide on the brackets via the back of the shelf. This makes the shelves look sleeker than regular shelves do. When you use this kind of shelving, you can mount shelves anywhere, including smaller areas that would not comfortably house traditional shelves.

When you look at a floating shelf, it may appear to you to be fragile, due to the way it sits. The bracket workings are hidden, hence the name of the shelf. In actuality, they are every bit as strong as traditional shelving.

When they design this type of shelf, manufacturers of the floating shelf realized that each shelf appears to hang, with no support externally. They are designed in a way that they can be reinforced. The means to accomplish this is to attach screws to the wall, and add durable materials to the makeup of the internal brackets. The brackets are also extended to a length that gives good support. You can put fairly heavy items on floating shelves, without worrying about whether the shelves will hold them.

A floating shelf is not just functional, but also is beautiful to look at. They come in all types of wood finishes, giving your room a rich, traditional look. If your house is art deco or modern, you can find a floating shelf made from long lasting, strong materials, in lots of colors. This will help if your room has a color scheme already. You may find a floating shelf that has a sleek, thin style, and one that boasts intricate designs on the edges. Regardless of your style, you can find a floating shelf to fit your decor.

You can install a floating shelf yourself, as long as you have the proper tools. You’ll decide on the number of shelves you want first, and at what levels you would like each shelf to hang. Check to make sure that there aren’t any hidden cables or pipes in your way.

Lay the first bracket on the wall, making sure that it is level. Mark the positions for the holes. Drill holes where you have marked, using fittings or screws that will work well with your wall and the bracket materials. Screw your bracket into place.

Next, you’ll need to slide your shelf on the bracket and make sure that the whole shelf is level. After you have decided that you like the positioning, slide the shelf off, and position the remaining brackets. After all the brackets are on the wall, slide on the floating shelves and fix them into place, using the screws that came with them.

Glass Wall Shelves

If you have collectibles or small pieces of art that you would like to display, glass wall shelves can be the perfect solution. Wall shelves are made in a variety of materials, but glass is arguably the most elegant. Shelves help to keep your things well-organized, while giving your room more storage space in a way that is decorative and useful. You can use various shelves in every room of your house, from simple wooden shelves in your laundry room to sophisticated glass shelves in your living room or bedroom.

The styles and variety of wall shelves are many. From contemporary to classic styles, they will fit into your home by complementing your décor. You can just take one look around your home to see where shelves can help you sort out things and put collectibles on display.

Some of the shelves can be found in shapes like triangle, curved, square, rectangular or round. By the way they are mounted, they are categorized into fixed, floating, adjustable, modular, free standing or hanging shelves. Besides glass, you can buy shelves made from wrought iron, plastic, acrylic, metal and wood. Shelves can fit into all types of purposes and settings.

Most wall shelves mount with brackets or anchored screws, generally driven into the wall at points where the studs occur. You can also find shelving units with hidden brackets, which slide into slots in the surface facing the wall. In a floating shelf unit, the way the glass wall shelves are mounted conceals the mounting hardware in the space between the shelf and the wall. They look fragile, but they are actually made thicker, to support the weight better. If you’re not a handyman, don’t worry – you can buy kits that include mounting systems built in.

You probably have lots of things that you’d like to display, but until you mount proper shelves, they might remain in boxes in the attic or the basement. You’ll want some shelving ideas to get you started.

For bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms, you may choose wood or glass for shelves that will give those rooms an elegant and classy feel. With many finishes and colors, and the clear finish of glass shelves, you won’t have any problem matching your shelves to your décor.

For kids’ rooms, you can use country white shelves, or another color that works well with the theme of their rooms. Glass is not very practical for a child’s room, unless he or she is in the teenage years. You can use corner shelves in nearly any room of your home, as well. Metal and wood are commonly used for corner shelves. In the laundry and kitchen, you can use acrylic and plastic shelving to store pots and pans and laundry needs.

One shelf that can start a conversation is a glass shelf in your living room. You can place plates or other collectibles, like salt and pepper shakers, or nostalgic memorabilia on these glass wall shelves, and your guests will be happy to have a chance to see the items that you are interested in collecting.