Tempered Glass Shelves

Wood has been the dominant force when it comes to interior design for centuries. This is because it has been easy to obtain. It requires relatively little in the way of technology to cut down a tree and make something out of it. Medieval cultures all did this. In recent times, wood craftsmen have gotten progressively better and wood products now look exceptionally stunning to look at. That is why wood is still a force to reckon with when it comes to furniture ware and other house products such as beds, shelves and the like. Wooden shelves in particular have been very popular for decades owing to their overall beauty which causes them to blend with the rest of the furniture and also because of their ease of assembly. When you buy a shelf from Wal-mart, it comes with easy assembly instructions. But tempered glass shelves have risen in popularity and here’s why.

Glass is attractive and reflective. When you browse through many interior design magazines, you find that glass is the future of living room and bedroom décor. It blends perfectly especially with large green plants to give the room a simple yet appealing look which is not only professional and homely but also relaxing.

Another aspect which makes glass appealing is because it is easy to maintain. When it comes to wood shelves, we all know what happens if it not dusted or cleaned regularly. And also with wood, water and a sponge or cloth will not do. Wood requires special veneer finish which enhances the shine and makes wood last. This finish is expensive and sometimes hard to find especially if you do not have a wood store nearby. Applying the finish also requires skill and if done haphazardly it may not produce the required results. On the other hand, glass is easy to maintain and all it requires is simple window cleaner such as Windex which is cheap and widely available. It is also easy to apply and all it requires is a wet sponge or a cloth.

Glass is also ideal because it is strong. Wood has been used for decades and is still used today because of its advantage as a resilient product that looks good and blends well with the rest of the furniture. But glass is quickly becoming popular because not only is it attractive, it can be very strong. The glass used to make the shelves is not the same glass that is used for other glass products. This glass is a special that has undergone special treatment to enhance the way it holds. This is called tempered glass which is tens of times stronger and more resilient than regular glass. It would take considerable pressure to make it buckle and it can withstand heavy items being placed on it. This is important because today’s tempered glass shelves see books and also stereo equipment and TVs placed on it at the same time so it must be able to withstand this additional pressure.